Thursday, March 9, 2023

Cast announced for JANE EYRE THE MUSICAL at Yavapai College Performing Arts Center

Jane (Double Cast) : Georgia Harrington / Grace Olsen
Young Jane: Alaina Zizz
John Reed: Aidan Moloney 
Mrs. Reed: Gina Steverson 
Mr. Brocklehurst: Daniel Shepherd 
Miss Scatcherd: Pamela Fawns
Marigold: Natalia Stepanova 
Helen Burns – Double Cast : Norah Steverson / Julie Woolsey
Mrs. Fairfax : Linda Miller
Robert: Luis Tovar
Adele: Ariella Centeno
Grace Poole: Crystal Ogden
Edward Fairfax Rochester – Double Cast: Andre Sylvester / Jake Eriksson
Blanche Ingram – Double Cast: Maya Traver / Stephanie Zeh
Lady Ingram : Gina Steverson
Lord Ingram: Micah Steverson
Mary Ingram: Olivia Ralston
Mr. Eshton – Double Cast: AJ Jackson / John Medina
Amy Eshton: Maddie Eden
Louisa Eshton: Natalia Stepanova
Colonel Dent: Tanner Bond
Mrs. Dent: Pamela Fawns
Richard Mason: Daniel Shepherd
Bertha Mason – Double Cast: Norah Steverson / Julie Woolsey 
Vicar: Luis Tovar
St John Rivers – Double Cast: AJ Jackson / John Medina
School Girls/Orphans: Amaya Centeno, Abigail Miller, Nichola Moloney, Sara Moloney, Avery Zizz 
Ensemble : Tanner Bond, Maddie Eden, Pamela Fawns, AJ Jackson, John Medina, Olivia Ralston, Daniel Shepherd, Natalia Stepanova, Gina Steverson, Micah Steverson, Norah Steverson, Luis Tovar, Julie Woolsey

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