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THE ALBUM PROJECT: JAGGED LITTLE PILL, Nearly Naked Theatre, September 6th - 14th, 2014

conceived by Kate Sullivan Gibbens & Jonah Platt
directed by Kate Sullivan Gibbens
orchestrations by Jonah Platt
music by Alanis Morissette and Glen Ballard


Simultaneous with its World Premiere in Los Angeles, Nearly Naked Theatre brings The Album Project: JAGGED LITTLE PILL to Arizona for a limited engagement of only 8 performances, at the same time as it plays to rave reviews in L.A. Find yourself mesmerized as you take an impressionist journey through Alanis Morissette's most iconic album (which sold 33 million copies worldwide and won four of its six Grammy nominations). Eight talented performers weave an avant-garde cabaret experience using Jagged Little Pill in its entirety, including the hit songs: You LearnHand in my PocketIronic and of course, You Oughta Know! The Album Project: JAGGED LITTLE PILL is recommended for mature teens and adults.

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Caitlin Ary and Nathan Parrett
Music by Alanis Morissette and Glen Ballard
Lyrics by Alanis Morissette
Conceived by Kate Sullivan Gibbens & Jonah Platt
Directed by Kate Sullivan Gibbens
Orchestrations by Jonah Platt

Mary Jane: Caitlin Ary
Mr. Nice Guy: Casey Hayden
Doctor: Nathan Parrett
Rebel: Kate Sullivan Gibbens
Mother Teresa: Tyler Olshansky
Chicken Shit: Michael Noah Levine
Klepto: Michelle Raitzin
Princess: Rebecca Dowdy

Photo: Laura Durant

VALHALLA, Nearly Naked Theatre, November 8 - 29, 2014

by Paul Rudnick
directed by Damon Dering

The fourth entry in our Returning Hit series, Paul Rudnick's Valhalla intertwines the lives of Bavarian King Ludwig II and American James Avery, as the two travel their separate paths to discover the true nature of beauty;  Ludwig in 1880s Bavaria and James in 1940s Texas. Along the way they meet the Handsomest High School Quarterback, the Prettiest Girl in Dainsville, the Swan Knight Lohengrin and Princess Sophie, the loneliest humpback in Europe, as the two men in different eras pursue their lives with operatic passion.Valhalla explores the questions of beauty and madness, and confronts the price to be paid for wanting, and getting, everything you dream of.  Valhalla was a sleeper-hit for n2t in 2005, and returns with an all-new cast and direction by Damon Dering.  Recommended for mature audiences.

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Director: Damon Dering
Assistant Director: Kenneth Anthony
Stage Manager: Joanne Gregg
Scenic Design: Eric Beeck
Lighting Design: Clare Burnett
Sound Design: Will Snider (based on original design by Mark Bennett)
Costume Design: Damon Dering

King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Vinny Chavez
James Avery: Cole Brackney
Margaret Avery, Queen Marie Natalie Kippelbaum: Susan St. John
Sally Mortimer, Princess Sophie, Princess Priscilla: Portia Beacham
Henry Lee Stafford, Helmut, Opera Singer: Jacob Gentile
Prince Otto, Johannes Pfeiffer, Sergeant: Pat Russel

DEBBIE DOES DALLAS: THE MUSICAL, Nearly Naked Theatre, January 10-31, 2015

adapted by Erika Schmidt -- music by Andrew Sherman
directed by Damon Dering

The most important theatrical event of the twenty-first century! Or not. Debbie Does Dallas is a modern morality tale told as a comic musical of tragic proportions in the language of the rodeo-porno-football circus. Based on the 1970s "blue movie" of the same name, the story follows Debbie Benton, an all-American, small-town sweetheart on her coming-of-age quest to realize her dream... to become a Texas Cowboys Cheerleader! The only thing standing in her way is the bus fare to Dallas and the inequity of her minimum wage job. So Debbie and her friends form Teen Services! A small company willing to take on BIG jobs. Debbie Does Dallas manages to have it all: beauty, brains and a great sense of humor! 

Recommended for hopelessly immature adults!

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Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

THE HISTORY OF THE DEVIL, Nearly Naked Theatre, April 11 - 25, 2015

by Clive Barker
directed by Damon Dering

An early work from the master of fantasy and horror, Clive Barker, the creator of Hellraiser. A wide-ranging, Brechtian-like epic that finds the Lord of Lies petitioning for re-admittance into Heaven by denying involvement in the horrors of humanity. The History of the Devil is told with dark truths about our own history, powerful and unusual imagery and even a wry sense of humor. It asks us to imagine if teh wickedness of humanity is our own fault, and if anyone can find some sympathy... for the Devil.  The History of the Devil is intended for mature audiences only.

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ANGELS IN AMERICA, Nearly Naked Theatre, June 6 - 20, 2015

by Tony Kushner
directed by Damon Dering

Tony Kushner's epic and sweeping political drama that captured the imaginations of an entire generation of theatre-goers and the Tony Award for Best Play. Angels in America is perhaps the greatest play of the 20th Century. In its scope and imagination, it defines the collapse of a moral universe during the Reagan years in an unforgettable way, transcending its specific time in the richness of its portrait of an America Lost, perhaps to be regained. The New York Times hailed it as "A vast, miraculous play... provocative, witty and deeply upsetting... a searching and radical rethinking of American political drama." Recommended for mature audiences.

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I GET A KICK OUT OF COLE, Theater Works, September 5 - 28, 2014

Laugh and hum along to some of the cleverest, funniest, most romantic songs ever penned for stage and screen at I Get a Kick Out of Cole, an evening of works by masterful American composer Cole Porter. Famous for his Tony Award-winning musical Kiss Me, Kate, Porter's prolific career in both Broadway and Hollywood resulted in an astounding array of hit tunes that continue to be performed to this day. At this event you'll hear the best of them, including "Night and Day," "What Is This Thing Called Love?," "I Get a Kick Out of You" and "Too Darn Hot," in a magical production of Porter music performed by Theater Works.

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter; Adapted by / Musical Director- Steve Hilderbrand

Click here for tickets and additional information.
Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter 
Additional Arrangements by Steve Hilderbrand
Conceived by Steve Hilderbrand and Gary Gallner
Directed and Choreographed by Steve Hilderbrand
Lighting Designer: Tim Monson
Costume Designer: Tamara Treat
Hair and Make-Up Designer: Jean Tanton

Cast: (in alphabetical order) 
Kathleen Berger
Tony Blosser
Brenda Goodenberger
Ken Goodenberger
Marie Gouba
Alanna Kalbfleisch
Roger K. Nelson
Dominik R. Rebilas
Alexandra (Ixy) Utpadel

THE TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS, Theater Works, September 12 - 28, 2014

Talented and well-trained young performers, ages 12 to 19, star in Tales From the Arabian Nights, based on the beloved collection of ancient and timeless stories. Desperate to stave off her own execution, the beautiful young maiden known as Scheherazade spins tale after tale for her new husband, the king, who's trapped under an evil charm. Each night, she spellbinds him with the famed stories of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, Sinbad the Sailor and Aladdin's magic lamp, hoping that her vivid imagination will buy her the time she needs to break the spell and win her own freedom. Generations have been swept up in the excitement and romance of this classic, first published in English around the early 1700s.

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"Well-acted and with fun, confident direction, The Tales from Arabian Nights is an imaginative and upbeat theatrical adventure that will entrance children of all ages." - Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

Written by Michael Bigelow Dixon 
Director: Chris Hamby 
Music Director: Jennifer Whiting 
Choreographer: Paul Pedersen 
Scenic Design: Michael Armstrong
Lighting Designer: Daniel Davisson
Costume Designer: Cari Smith
Hair and Make-Up Designer: Jean Tanton
Make-Up Design: Cate Pinckney
Sound Design: Chris Hamby and Stephen Christensen

Scheherazade: Claudia Pollack
Ali Baba / Goblin: Skyler Washburn
Shukat: Dylan Kurtz
Zubaida: Hahnna Christianson
Grand Vizier / Captain: Taylor Lawritson
Shariar: Ellis Temlak
Ming: Kelly Sampson
Mohammad: Drake Ethan Current
Morgiana / Imp: Madison Butler
Dunyazed: Safiya Valenzuela
Fatimah / Demon: Autumn Froitland
Thief: Max Mendoza
Dalilah / Khalifah: Quincy Anntinette Janisse
Speedy/Cobra: Corrine Seaver
Mustafa / Kassim: Hannah Grossenbacher
Omar: Emilio Cress

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Theater Works, October 10 - November 2, 2014

Presenting a thrilling, humor filled and shocking theatrical production

Fallout from a satellite probe shot to Venus returns to Earth carrying a mysterious radiation that transforms the unburied dead into flesh-eating zombies. Seven people trapped in an isolated farmhouse and held hostage by the ravenous ghouls, begin to turn on each other as the dead encroach. Experience a gripping, terror-filled monochromatic play that brings all the fright of the cult classic to life. This blend of thrilling horror laced with touches of black humor unfolds into a shocking theatrical ending.
by Lori Allen Ohm. Based on George Romero and John Russo's original film

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING, Theater Works, October 17 - November 9, 2014

Power, ambition, greed & love… it's just another day at the office!

A delightfully irreverent musical satire of corporate life, office politics, charm, wit and naive ambition… experience BIG business and all it holds sacred
Young J. Peirepont Finch climbs the corporate ladder of success from lowly window-washer to the high-powered executive suite in leaps and bounds. Finch’s sudden success makes everything  “game” to the Mad Men madness of corporate competition.  Could his unorthodox and morally questionable business practices jeopardize not only his career but also his blooming romance with lovely secretary Rosemary Pilkington?
Winner of the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.
Music and Lyrics by: Frank Loesser
Book by: Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert
Directed by Toby Yatso
Choreographed by Kat Bailes
Set Designer: Brett Aiken
Lighting Designer: Tim Monson
Sound Designer: Alex Cozza
Costume Designer: Tamara Treat
Hair and Make-Up Designer: Johanna Carlisle
Props Designer: Petey Swartz

J. Pierrepont Finch: Joshua Vern
Jasper P. Biggley: Jeffrey Middleton
Rosemary Pilkington: Aya Nameth
Bert O. Brat: Alan Fisher
Miss Smith/Smitty: Alanna Kalbfleisch
Bud Frump: Michael Schwenke
Miss Jones: Kathleen Berger
Hedy LaRue: Osiris Cuen
Mr. Twimble/Wally Womper: Ken Hansen
Gatch/TV Announcer: Tony Latham
Benjamin Ovington/ Policeman: Michael Leeth
Takakaberry: Skyler Washburn
Peterson/Jenkins: Karson Cook
Matthews: Cody H. Seaver
Johnson/Davis: Jonathan Ramirez
Toynbee: Brian Carmona
Ms. Krumholtz: Samantha Isley
1st Scrubwoman: Megan Farinella
2n Scrubwoman: Veronica Ancona
Male Ensemble: Michael Leith, Spyker Washburn, Karson Cook, Cody Seaver, Jonathan Ramirez, Brian Carmona, Tony Latham
Female Ensemble: Hahnna Christianson, Veronica Ancona, Katie Cjajkowski, Megan Farinella, Genesis Cuen, Samantha Isley

THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT, Theater Works, December 6 - 21, 2014

A tuneful tale for the Holiday Season

Based on the best selling book, this musical play celebrates the value of generosity and the spirit of community. Experience a charming tale of a generous quilt-maker who makes quilts for the needy and a greedy king who believes that positions will bring him great happiness. The king is determined to own one of her prized quilts and will go to great lengths to get one. In doing so, he learns valuable lessons about giving.
An ensemble of soldiers, birds, townspeople and a bear tell a beautiful story that is both sophisticated and childlike.
Book by: Jeff Brumbaugh
Adapted by: Alan J. Prewitt
Lyrics by: Steven Mark Kohn
Music by: Craig Bohmler

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

SHIFTING GEARS, Theater Works, January 9 - February 1, 2015

By acclaimed playwright Richard Warren

This is a profound play by one of Arizona’s most respected contemporary playwrights and author of Burning in the Night, A Hobo’s Song, a Theater Works 2013 hit production.
Shifting Gears is a story about a family struggling to embrace and express each member’s own identity as one persons desires clash with another’s expectations. It is filled with familiar places, tones, feelings, longing, laughter and a whole lot of love.
Written by: Richard Warren
From the Author:
Shifting Gears relates the story of a functional family of the era filled with love and respect. Each family member is struggling to embrace and express his and her own identity within the confines of the times. The play’s many conflicts come from one’s desires clashing with another’s expectations.
Families typically led a very traditional, patriarchal driven, decades-old lifestyle. This family is one of those. Henry is the breadwinner and responsible for providing for his family’s welfare and direction – and takes this seriously. Annie is the homemaker and responsible for maintaining the home, food and clothing, and her children’s upbringing – and takes this seriously. This family dynamic was so expected that immediately after World War II training films were shown in theatres teaching people how to behave. Fathers and mothers were reminded of their roles, and children were taught “to be seen but not heard,” “to not speak unless spoken to” and “to respect their elders.” Many children found this restrictive and yearned for independence.
Eisenhower was credited by many as saving the world from Hitler through his D-Day success. It’s perhaps the reason he was elected President in 1952 and 1956. Richard Nixon was Eisenhower’s Vice-President for eight years. He was yet to be discredited, and was elected President in his own right in 1968 and 1972. When a 43-year-old John Kennedy was elected President in 1960, he ushered in the promise of a fresh era of “youth and vigor” and much hope for the future. The country of Vietnam was virtually unknown. None of the 1960′s assassinations had occurred (John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X). Nothing that came to pass was anticipated.

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

13 THE MUSICAL, Theater Works, January 16 - February 1, 2015

COOL is where you least expect it!

A hilarious, high-energy musical for all ages. Evan Goldman’s parents get divorced, and he’s forced to move from New York to a small town in Indiana. All he wants to do is make friends and survive the school year – which is easier said than done.
Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Book by Dan Elish and Robert Horn

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

FOLLIES, Theater Works, February 20 - March 15, 2015

Stephen Sondheim's Legendary Masterpiece

An old, dusty curtain rises to the sound of soft timpani… experience a surreal, sophisticated, compelling, heart-wrenching and epic theatrical event. This legendary masterpiece is considered by many to be one of the greatest musicals ever created – yet it is rarely done.
A reunion of Follies performers in a crumbling theatre sets the stage for a parade of colorful and brilliant numbers, including “Losing My Mind,” “I’m Still Here” and “Broadway Baby.” Amid the reminiscing, two middle-aged couples confront the truth about their past and present while coming face to face with the future.
Music & Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim
Book by: James Goldman

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, Theater Works, March 27 - April 19, 2015

The 50th anniversary of the Broadway production!

A notorious play that tells of a pleasant rogue who chooses to serve a short sentence in a menial institution rather than go to prison.  This, he learns, is a big misstate.  He clashes with the fierce head nurse and accomplishes what the medical profession has been unable to do:  he leads his fellow patients out of their introversion, and back towards “reality”.  This is an offense not to be endured.
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is a play that helped change how a nation treated mental illness.
*This season marks the 50th anniversary of the Broadway production of Cuckoo’s Nest. It is by the great playwright, Dale Wasseman, whose life was the plot of the renowned Burning in the Night, A Hobo’s Song (a 2013 Theater Works hit).

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD, Theater Works, May 8 - May 24, 2015

Presenting an enchanting tale for the whole family

Fun & Frolic with Kids’ Favorite Amphibian Friends 
A whimsical musical that follows the woodland adventures of a worrisome fussbudget toad and a buoyantly cheerful frog and their assorted colorful hopping, crawling and flying companions, through four, fun-filled seasons. This inventive Tony®-nominated show bubbles with melody and wit, and is enchanting for the whole family.
Music by Robert Reale, Lyrics and Book by Willie Reale
Based on the Frog and Toad children's stories by Arnold Lobel
Click here for tickets and additional information.

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

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audition notice DEBBIE DOES DALLAS

Nearly Naked Theatre will be holding auditions for

by Erika Schmidt & Andrew Sherman

on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND (5 min. slots available between 6:00PM - 10:00PM)
and SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH (5 min. slots available between 2:00PM - 6:00PM)


The most important theatrical event of the 21st Century!  Or not. Debbie Does Dallas is a modern morality tale told as a comic musical of tragic proportions in the language of the rodeo-porno-football circus. Based (nearly word-for-word) on the 1970s "blue movie" of the same name, the story follows Debbie Benton, an all-American, small-town sweetheart on her coming-of-age quest to realize her dream-- to become a Texas Cowboys Cheerleader! The only thing standing in her way is the bus fare to Dallas and the inequity of her minimum wage job. So Debbie and her friends form Teen Services! A small company willing to take on BIG jobs.  Debbie Does Dallas manages to have it all: beauty, brains and a great (albeit naughty) sense of humor!

are 5 WOMEN and 3 MEN between the ages of 18-35


DEBBIE BENTON (f, mezzo 18-30) Our heroine. A beautiful naive small-town girl who dreams of big things.  She seems like a blonde bombshell-- voluptuous and squeaky clean, but underneath she is an existentialist.  She thinks deeply about things and is nonjudgmental and generous by nature.  She forgives easily but she also has the conviction/determination to pursue her dream and achieve it-- regardless of the cost.  She must be a strong singer and be able to cheer well.

LISA (f, mezzo, 18-30) A great cheerleader and the "girl we love to hate."  Sneaky and manipulative-- but she carries off her bad girl ways in a manner that makes us love her.  She uses her sexuality to achieve her goals and she loves to use her looks and charm and sex even in casual conversation (making for good comedy). Lisa's grown up lower-class, but she sets goals and achieves them... she just doesn't aim very high.  She must be a strong singer and cheer well.

ROBERTA (f, mezzo/alto, 18-30) The most naive, spacey, air-headed of all the girls and this is because she chooses to be. She lives in her own world, choosing to hear what sounds fun and blocking out everything else.  She is Lisa's best friend and is very comfortable with the way she looks and has lots of sex. She has a boyfriend Johnny, but they enjoy an open relationship.

DONNA (f, mezzo/alto, 18-30) Donna is a poet. She is a study in contradictions. She has a boyfriend, Tim, but is closest to Tammy (who is a prude). She wants to experiment with sex but she doesn't want to be branded as "easy." She is thoughtful and smart. Her favorite poet is probably Sylvia Plath, but her favorite movie is probably Titanic.

TAMMY (f, mezzo/alto, 18-30) Wants to be a senator when she grows up. She is a young Hillary Clinton with a sense of humor. Her role models are probably Condoleeza Rice and Madonna. She is prone to wisecracks and smart comments  that sometimes go over the other girls' heads (although she remains non-judgmental of their choices-- or tires to).  She does not have a boyfriend.  She is a virgin and wants to remain so.  Her best friend is Donna. 

All male actors also play roustabouts-- moving furniture, bringing on props and generally doing whatever it takes to keep the show moving quickly.

ACTOR ONE (m, tenor, 18-30) The quintessential suburban high-school heartthrob. Transforms from role-to-role, and their all pretty similar and therefore harder to make distinct. He must be funny and lovable and elicit nostalgia for high-school days. 
He plays RICK: Handsome, athletic, Quarterback and captain of the team, he's Debbie's boyfriend and he just really wants to have sex.  HAMILTON: A rick young tennis pro who owns a set of courts in town to teach lessons at. Arrogant, snobby and chauvinistic. MR. BIGTIME: the owner of the Texas Cowboys football team and cheerleading squad. He has a Texas accent and is a bit of a cowboy (cameo appearance only).

ACTOR TWO (m, bari-tenor/baritone, 25-35) A character actor who has the ability to be funny (and transformative) and also have real depth, soul and likeability in the role of Greenfelt.
He plays MR. GREENFELT: Owns the local sports goods store. Unmarried and lonely, he wanted to be an athlete but never made it. He is understated and earnest. He has a real thing for Debbie and while he is desperate to get in her pants in an aggressive/macho/man's-man kind of way, he deals with his desire in a gentlemanly fashion.  He is a simple man but he isn't stupid, nor manipulative. He cannot be smarter than Debbie although he has more life experience, they are equals.  BIDDLE: Works at the local library. He is repressed and reserved (meaning he's a male character in a porno that doesn't want to have sex.) Smart, rash, quick to anger and passionate about poetry.  KEVIN: A high-school jock, Rick's friend and an all-American football player who drinks beer and cuts school.

ACTOR THREE (m, baritone/bari-tenor, 20-30) Plays five roles and therefore must be facile at quick and total character transformations that are each equally funny. A comic. (He also appears as himself as the speaking roustabout.)
He plays HARDWICK: A swinger. He owns a candle shop with his wife and has probably spent the last ten years of his married life looking for a third party for their sexual activities. Open and fun-loving, you'd think he was a hippie, but he comes off kind of Mr. Rogers. BRADLEY: The kind of guy who hires high-school girls to wash his car when his wife is at work.  He is the high school Spanish teacher and for some reason chooses to speak only Spanish.  ASHLEY: Goods friends with Hamilton, rich and snobby. but challenged when it comes to scoring with the ladies. NICK: College-aged, he works at the record store and is a bit of a music snob. He has a certain cool-guy charm and appeal but in a very Athens, Georgia/High Fidelity kind of way. JOHNNY: The tight end of the football team. He is Rick's friend and a typical football-playing all-American high-school type.  TIM: Also on the football team, he is much more bookish than Rick.  He's Donna's boyfriend, and is shy, soft-spoken and sweet.

will be held on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st (5 min. slots available between 2:00PM and 10:00PM) and MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd (5 min. slots available between 6:00PM and 10:00PM) in the MUSIC ROOM of the METROPOLITAN ARTS INSTITUTE ("METRO ARTS"), 1700 N. 7TH AVE. PHX, 85007 (on the NW CORNER of 7TH AVE. & MCDOWELL).

TWO SONG CUTTINGS totaling NO MORE THAN 2 MINUTES (you will be timed) (One preferably in an upbeat pop, pop-country or rock-theatre genre) and a one minute comedic monologue. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MONOLOGUE, PLEASE COME AND AUDITION ANYWAY WITH YOUR CUTTINGS. Please bring sheet music in your key; AN ACCOMPANIST WILL BE PROVIDED. You may also bring CD accompaniment, but DO NOT BRING ipods, laptops or any devices which require special set-up time. YOUR AUDITION IS LIMITED TO THREE MINUTES. It is not recommended that you prepare any songs fromDebbie Does Dallas.

will be held on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH at 6:00PM
and will consist of songs from the score, cold reads from the script, and a cheerleading/movement audition. Please dress comfortably or bring a change of clothes. 

PLEASE NOTE: Ladies should expect to be seen in their bras or swim-tops (bring one) and men should prepare to be seen shirtless.

the week of NOVEMBER 17th. But rehearsals are light for the first few weeks, and there will
be time off during the holidays in December.

Wed - Thu 8:00PM ~ Sun at 6:00PM or 2:30PM alternating.
Nearly Naked Theatre performs Debbie Does Dallas at the

are made by emailing us at
Please include your FULL NAME and PHONE NUMBER in the body of the email (not just in your attachment), as well as WHICH DAY and GENERAL TIME you would prefer to audition (example: "SUN between 2:00-4:00: or "anytime after 5:00," etc.).  We will call or email you back with confirmation and specific time slot.  We prefer actors submit electronic headshots & resumes with their appointment request. Resumes are optional, but a HEADSHOT or ANY PICTURE OR YOURSELF is REQUIRED. Even a candid or a laser copy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

EQUIVOCATION, Southwest Shakespeare Company, September 5 - 20, 2014

Back By Popular Demand For A Limited Run
In London, 1605, a down-and-out playwright called Shagspeare receives a royal commission to write a play promoting the government’s version of the Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot. As Shag navigates the dangerous course between writing a lie or losing his head, his devoted theatre troupe helps him negotiate each step along the way. At once an explosive comedy of ideas and a high-stakes political thriller, Bill Cain’s award-winning Equivocation deftly reveals the cat-and-mouse games in politics and art, and the craft of learning how to speak the truth in difficult times.
September 05 – September 20, 2014
Farnsworth Studio Theater
Mesa Arts Center

Photo by Devon Christopher Adams

Click here for tickets and additional information.

Cast, photos and review links will be added when available.

BEOWULF, Southwest Shakespeare Company, September 10, 2014 & April 1, 2015

The mother of all monster-tales comes to life in this remarkable solo performance. The tale of a man who kills monsters, becomes king and ultimately dies in battle with a dragon, Beowulf is one of the oldest surviving examples of English poetry. Nationally-acclaimed solo artist Charlie Bethel reanimates this usually dusty English lit staple and restores it to a rollicking, bloody and brash morality poem, in which the story’s themes — the impermanence of life, the uncertainty of mortality and the courage to engage in the simple act of living — are as immediate and pertinent as they are timeless and classic. (mature language and themes)
Adapted by Charlie Bethel from the Medieval Classic
Note: Special pricing will be offered to season subscribers (not part of the subscription package)

THE ODYSSEY, Southwest Shakespeare Company, September 17, 2014 & April 8, 2015

Back by popular demand! Shipwrecks, Sirens, and Mythical Creatures meet Adventure, Magic, and Revenge!
Adapted by Charlie Bethel from the epic poem by Homer
Acclaimed solo artist Charlie Bethel re-imagines Homer’s famous epic story in a faithful yet accessible format for those who slept through high school Greek Literature. Voyage across land and sea, through the underworld, to the top of Mt. Olympus with the brave and courageous hero, Odysseus, as he valiantly seeks to return to his homeland and the arms of his wife and child. Don’t miss this thrilling epic adventure, suitable for most audiences. (Mature language and themes.)
Note: Special pricing will be offered to season subscribers (not part of the subscription package)