Tuesday, August 5, 2014

THE DRACULA ROCK SHOW, Desert Foothills Theater, October 3-12, 2014

A Desert Foothills Youth Theater Production (cast ages 8-14)

By Malcolm Sircom

When the zombies and vampires tire of being cooped up underground, their master Count Dracula has a great idea!  They'll all go to rock concerts where no one will even notice them.

But when Inspector Shirley Holmes and pathologist Dr. Watson become intrigued by an outbreak of anemia in young women, things take a turn for the worst (if there is anything worse than being a zombie).

With a dynamic rock score embracing 60s rock with a touch of 70s disco accompanying a hilarious plot overflowing with eccentric characters, The Dracula Rock Show is a sure hit!  Those who loved The Rocky Monster Show will love The Dracula Rock Show!

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