Thursday, March 31, 2022

photos - SWEENEY TODD IN CONCERT - Mesa Community College

photos by Nick Woodward-Shaw

B3 Theater Announces Winners for their 5TH FESTIVAL OF SHORTS, including Writing and Directing Workshops, running June 17-25


Thanks to a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, B3 Theater has been able to continue its Festival of Shorts for 2022, the fifth festival.  The winners are:

Boarding for Neverland by Spencer Wareing
Enough of Time by Ann Kustasz
Give me Your Eyes by Maripat Allen
Romeo and Juliet and Codependency by Tony Ayala
The Box by Renée Flemings
The Saturday Nighters by Madeline Daly Puccionni

Performances are scheduled for June 16, 17, 18 and 23, 24, and 25, and will be held at the First Baptist Church of Scottsdale, at 7025 E Osborn, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

In addition, four workshops will be held this year which will of be particular interest to writers.

Writing Shorts will be led by Ashley Naftule.
Directing Shorts will be led by B.J. Garrett.
The Reading of the Shorts from the First Workshop will be led by John Perovich.
A panel discussion featuring Artistic Directors and Literary Managers from local small theaters will be held on the topic of Submitting and Getting Your Work Accepted, led by Paco Jose Madden.  This last workshop will be on zoom. 

More information can be found at, or you may write with any questions.

All welcome!

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Cast Announced for SOMETHING ROTTEN at The Phoenix Theatre Company


Jonathan Shew and Matravius Avent peer behind a red curtain in renaissance attire


After being on hiatus for over a year, we're thrilled to share that our hilarious and show-stopping Something Rotten! runs May 4 through June 19 in our Mainstage Theatre! Meet the cast below and then book your seats! Nothing's as amazing as a musical, and it's finally time to enjoy it.


Sally Jo Bannow's black and white headshot

Sarah Ambrose* as Portia

Ryan Ardelt's black and white headshot

Ryan Ardelt as Ensemble

Matravius Avent's black and white headshot

Matravius Avent* as Nigel Bottom

Tony Blosser's black and white headshot

Tony Blosser as Lord Clapham, Shylock, Master of Justice (Brother Jeremiah u/s)

Jacqueline Brecker's black and white headshot

Jacqueline Brecker as Ensemble

Brandon Brown's black and white headshot

Brandon Brown as Ensemble (Lord Clapham u/s, Shylock u/s, Master of Justice u/s)

Tarnim Bybee's black and white headshot

Tarnim Bybee as Ensemble (Bea u/s)

Hayley Cassity's black and white headshot

Hayley Cassity as Bea

Abbi Cavanaugh's black and white headshot

Abbi Cavanaugh as Ensemble (Portia u/s)

Alex Crossland's black and white headshot

Alex Crossland as Robin, Ensemble (Nigel Bottom u/s)

Jonathan Duvelson's black and white headshot

Jonathan Duvelson* as Minstrel, Ensemble (William Shakespeare u/s)

Kathy Fitzgerald's black and white headshot

Kathy Fitzgerald* as Nostradamus

Cameron Holzman's black and white headshot

Cameron Holzman as Ensemble (Nick Bottom u/s)

Katie Jurich's black and white headshot

Katie Jurich as Ensemble

Derek Luscutoff's black and white headshot

Derek Luscutoff as Ensemble

Aidan Lutton's black and white headshot

Aidan Lutton as Ensemble

Devin Neilson's black and white headshot

Devin Neilson* as Ensemble, Dance Captain (Minstrel u/s)

Shani Barrett's black and white headshot

Jonathan Shew* as Nick Bottom

Sarah Wiechman's black and white headshot

Sarah Wiechman as Ensemble

Michael Starr's black and white headshot

D. Scott Withers* as Brother Jeremiah (Nostradamus u/s)

Toby Yatso's black and white headshot

Toby Yatso* as William Shakespeare

Daniel Bargen's black and white headshot

Daniel Bargen as Ensemble Swing

Stephanie Funk's black and white headshot

Stephanie Funk as Ensemble Swing

Katie Calderone's black and white headshot

Katie Calderone as Ensemble Swing

Cameron Eggers' black and white headshot

Cameron Eggers as Ensemble Swing

Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors & stage managers in the US