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Theatrikos Theatre Company's 2022 Season!

12 Angry Jurors
by Reginald Rose and Sherman L Sergel
January 28—February 13, 2022

Steel Magnolias
by Robert Harling
March 25—April 17, 2022

The Foreigner
by Larry Shue
May 20—June 5, 2022

What Did We Do Wrong?
Staged Reading
by Henry Denker
July 14, 2022

by Dan Goggin
July 22—August 14, 2022

The Cemetery Club
by Ivan Menchel
October 7—23, 2022
Miracle on 34th Street        
by Valentine Davies
November 25—December 18, 2022

Talking to Janet Dacal, the lead actress of the national tour of THE BAND'S VISIT, about this heartfelt, multicultural musical which has a story filled with music and moments of human vulnerability

Sasson Gabay & Janet Dacal
Photo by Evan Zimmerman, MurphyMade

By Emily Mai/ASU Gammage

The Band’s Visit follows an Egyptian band that by a miscommunication accidentally arrives in an isolated desert town in Israel and shows the band’s interactions with the town’s forlorn Arabic inhabitants as they must communicate and rely on these total strangers.

“We [should] all embrace strangers, rather than push them away, they can impact us in beautiful and meaningful ways,” said Janet Dacal, the lead actress of the national tour of The Band’s Visit, coming to ASU Gammage February 8-13.

Dacal plays the role of Dina, a local cafĂ© owner in the town. She is the first person to offer the musicians help by offering them food and shelter for the night. She has experienced love and loss but has lost sight of her hope for the future. 

Dacal has also portrayed other strong female characters such as Carla from In The Heights and Alice from Wonderland.

“I think that this role is one of the most beautiful roles written for women in the musical theater genre in a very, very long time,” Dacal said.

The story focuses on two very different groups of people, the Egyptian musicians and the Israeli locals, who speak different languages and must communicate using a tentative English. The language barrier between the two groups creates obstacles for them and only becomes bridged through the music and culture the two groups share.

Dina starts as a woman who is just living her life from one day to the next, but as the musical progresses, she continues to open up and learn new things about herself by speaking with these new visitors. This is a story about the revitalization of life within the members of the town.
“I feel like all of us human beings are living our lives day to day not yet knowing when the moment will come that will change us,” Dacal said. “Whether it’s significant or just something that nudges us in a very minimal way that eventually has a very long impact.” 
The Band’s Visit is a representative story of the diverse lives and cultures in the Middle East, but the story also goes beyond that and becomes representative of the human experience as a whole. 

“It's an opportunity for people to see themselves on stage and for people to be exposed to different cultures, different music, and see that at our core, we're really all the same, but it is a celebration of humanity and how we are able to relate to each other despite our differences,” said Dacal.

 In the wake of the pandemic, many people have experienced some form of isolation and a need for something to change in the world. The characters in The Band’s Visit embody the spirit of these very human needs and tendencies.

“I promise that you will be moved in some capacity and given the time that we're living in having that connection and sort of experiencing the show will make an impression,” Dacal said.

“The Band’s Visit” will be at ASU Gammage from February 8-13.  For tickets and more information visit

The National Tour Cast of The Band's Visit
Photo by Evan Zimmerman, MurphyMade

PERFECT ARRANGEMENT - Paradise Valley Community College - February 18-February 27, 2022

by Topher Payne 
directed by Joe Flowers

It’s 1950, and new colors are being added to the Red Scare. Two U.S. State Department employees, Bob and Norma, have been tasked with identifying sexual deviants within their ranks. There’s just one problem: Both Bob and Norma are gay, and have married each other’s partners as a carefully constructed cover. Inspired by the true story of the earliest stirrings of the American gay rights movement, as two “All-American” couples are forced to stare down the closet door.

Studio Theatre- Feb. 18, 19, 25, 26 - 7:30
February 20 & 27 - 2:00

ROMANCE ROMANCE - Paradise Valley Community College - April 7-April 10, 2022

By Barry Harman and Keith Hermann
Directed by Andrea Robertson

This delightful pairing of one-act musicals, one classic and one modern, takes a comical and moving look at the mysteries of love. Act I, based on Schnitzler's The Little Comedy, is a delightful romp through the sexual ennui of turn-of-the-century Vienna, as two wealthy but bored socialites masquerade as impoverished bohemians seeking romance. Act II, based on the Jules Renard play Summer Share, explores modern affection and disaffection as two married couples share a summer house in the Hamptons. An Off Off Broadway sensation that successfully moved to Broadway, Romance/Romance is a charming and tuneful small-cast gem

CPA- April 7, 8, 9 - 7:30
April 10 - 2:00

Auditions for SUDS at Fountain Hills Theater announced for February 19 & 20

Fountain Hills Theater announces the auditions for the clever 1060’s musical Suds.

This evening of pure, frothy fun will have you boppin’ to over fifty well-known songs that topped the 1960s charts: Respect, You Can’t Hurry Love, Say A Little Prayer, and more!  When Cindy, a laundromat attendant, receives a letter from her pen-pal boyfriend ending their romance, her stylish guardian angels arrive on the scene, determined she’ll do more than wishin’ and hopin’. 
Suds is directed by Rusty Ferracane
 Suds will play April 15- May 1, 2022.  (Possible extension to May 8.)

Auditions will be held Saturday, Feb. 19 @ 10:00am and Sunday, Feb. 20 @ 6:00pm.  Callbacks (If required) Monday, Feb. 21 @ 7:00pm. Auditioners are asked to sing 16- 32 bars of a song that best shows off their voice and range, this will be followed by a dance audition.  

Audition sign up 480-837-9661 X 3 or

Early video auditions - which must be submitted prior to February 19 – may be submitted and can substitute for appearing at the Saturday or Sunday auditions.  The video should include a song showing off your voice and range and a 1 minute dance routine demonstrating the extent of your dance training.  However, if chosen from a video audition, candidates will be required to appear in person at the Monday callbacks.  Video auditions should be sent to  FHT prefers and encourages auditioners to be vaccinated.

Characters ages are not set in stone. Actors should consider roles if they feel they can represent the age ranges listed.  

Casting for:  

CINDY Vocal Range: Low f, belt to B-flat, easy mix to D. Strong alto and a sweet sounding mix. Character Description: A sweet, personable possibly gawky girl. Impressionable and by turn optimistic and depressed, she grows in confidence as the play concludes. Strong comedic timing and dance ability. 

MARGE Vocal Range: Belt to C#, R&B to F, Nice Mix to C. Strong, controlled pop/rock belt. Tough R&B wail plus nice mix for back up. Character Description: A tough cookie. Larger than life, brassy red head with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold. Flashy dresser. Strong comedic timing and dance ability. 

DEE DEE Vocal Range: Low G to D, Belt or Strong Mix to E Flat. Strong pop alto with a strong belt. Plus nice mix for back up. Character Description: Perky and overly enthusiastic, eternal optimist. Fairly manic cross between Sandra Dee and “That Girl”. Means well but is liable to wreak havoc at any given time. A big flip hair-do, very well put together (a well-dressed Connie Francis). Strong comedic timing and dance ability. 

MALE LEAD Vocal Range: Bass backups, Sweetly up to a G, sings strong F in finale. Pop tenor with some falsetto and bass notes. Character Description: Plays all of the other characters including Johnny Angel, Mrs. Halo, Postman, Mr. Right, Washer Repairman, Milt Dudman. Performer needs to be strong character actor, able to adapt and change. Dance is necessary. Must be comfortable dressing as a woman.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Immediate casting for the role of Frank in ALL MY SONS at Ghostlight Theatre

20s-30s male needed for the role of Frank a neighbor to the Keller family.

Colorblind casting

Contact Richard Vines at to arrange an audition time.

review - WAITRESS - National Tour: Broadway at the Orpheum Theatre

David Socolar and Jisel Soleil Ayon
photo by Jeremy Daniel

highlights from local critics reviews - (click link at bottom of each review to read complete review)

"There have been dozens of musicals adapted from well-known, popular films that haven't been successful, so it's refreshing when a small, independent movie that not a lot of people saw or even may be aware of becomes a smash stage production. Based on the 2007 film of the same name, Waitress tells the story of a young woman who finds her life at a crossroads. With a wonderful score by pop songwriter Sara Bareilles, the show had a healthy Broadway run, and the national tour has come to town for a weekend run with a talented cast that beautifully brings out the dramatic and comical moments in the story...."   -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

Friday, January 28, 2022

photos - TUCK EVERLASTING - Actor's Youth Theatre

photos courtesy Actor's Youth Theatre

review - THE GODS OF COMEDY - Stage Left Productions

Hector Coris, Katryce Bridges, and Shelly Boucher
photo by Rodney Rickard/Cody Dull

highlights from local critics reviews - (click link at bottom of each review to read complete review)

Click here for more information on this production that runs through February 6

"About thirty years ago, playwright Ken Ludwig had back-to-back Broadway hits with his Tony-nominated play Lend Me a Tenor and the musical Crazy for You, for which he received a Tony nomination for Best Book. While Ludwig may not have had any other long runs on Broadway, he is a quite proficient and accomplished playwright, having written close to two dozen comedies plus several books for musicals. One of his latest plays, The Gods of Comedy, had its world premiere in 2019 in a co-production between the Old Globe Theatre and the McCarter Theatre in Princeton and the comedy is making its local debut in a smartly cast and tightly directed production at Stage Left Productions. While it may not quite achieve the excellence of either of Ludwig's first two hits, with several moments of inspired lunacy, humorous characters, and a charming conclusion, it makes for a fast-paced and fun two hours..."   -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

Working with Lemons is looking for Latinx performers to portray characters from Disney's ENCANTO in their upcoming videos - auditions due February 3

 Encanto Character Auditions

Working With Lemons is looking for Latinx performers to portray Characters from Disney’s “Encanto” in some upcoming videos for their channel. 

*link to their 3.9m subscriber channel below*

We bring animated and Broadway characters to life, so please audition for the characters that you look most like.

Filming in Mesa/Gilbert February 2022

Auditions due February 3rd 

Singing roles will be paid $150 for a full day and $50 for a recording session. Non-singing roles will be paid $50 for a few hours of filming.

Fill out this audition form and upload your audition here:



photos - WAITRESS - National Tour: Broadway at the Orpheum Theatre

photos by Jeremy Daniel

Paige Productions Youth Theatre to present DISNEY THE JUNGLE BOOK KIDS, ANNIE KIDS and SHREK THE MUSICAL, JR

Paige Productions Youth Theater opened September 1, 2021, and immediately took off. This new production company advertised itself as “Musical Theater for Busy Kids.” This concept seemed to hit a nerve with families, because enrollment for their first production exploded with 40 kids signing up to participate. Their first musical offering, All Together Now, was a smash success, performing four shows on two nights to more than 350 audience members. Generous ticket sales allowed Paige Productions to make donations to local school PTO’s. The theater quickly followed up with successful Fall & Winter Break Performing Arts Camps, and Santa's Send-Off Show, a musical featuring 30 performers, Santa Claus, and a standing-room-only peformance on December 24, 2021. 

Paige Productions Youth Theater is a company run by a mom who understands the unique needs of kids and families. Owner/Artistic Director, Paige Beckman, is not only a mom, she is also a two-time ariZoni-winning director and music director who owns her own voice studio, (Paige Beckman Music Studio), and has been directing the youth theater program at Fountain Hills Theater for more than a decade. Paige was also the Show Experience Director at the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff, AZ for two seasons. These experiences have put her deeply in the mindset of what kids and families want from an experience and a theatrical education opportunity.

Her goal is to provide additional performance opportunities in the East Valley for busy kids and teens who missed out on performing due to the pandemic. Paige says, “I believe there is a need for more theater in Fountain Hills, many of our students are forced to travel 30 minutes to get additional performance opportunities. I am creating a place where kids can perform at other theaters and still take part in our productions.” These events are not just for children, they also feature teens in advanced vocal performances. There is something to challenge and inspire performers of all ages at this theater company.

Theater for Busy Kids - Paige is a theater mom who knows the grind of driving kids to rehearsals every night. She’s also a voice teacher. Her own daughter and vocal student, Summer Beckman, was active in youth theater and was the musical theater and overall winner of the Arizona Young Artists Competition at the Herberger Theater in 2018. Supporting her daughter as a young artist also shaped Paige’s ideas about kids and rehearsal schedules.

Paige understands that kids want to perform in shows but still participate in other activities. “As a parent, I know it is important for kids to be well-rounded. They need to participate in sports, dance, swim, and other after-school activities. Often rehearsals and theatrical commitments are so intense that kids don’t have time to complete their homework or be involved in anything else. As a parent and a theater professional, I felt there could be a theater option that didn’t require 20+ hours of rehearsal per week. I think we have found a way to make that work.” 

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church has agreed to host Paige Productions on their large, Performance Hall stage. Performing arts students enjoy the playground and kid-friendly environment in between theater classes and rehearsals. Paige loves the environment as well, “It is wonderful to be in a kid-friendly, family-friendly environment. The kids love getting a chance to burn-off steam outside, and we even have a theater dog that comes to visit. It’s a warm environment where we nurture and challenge young performers.”

The performance venue is large and spread out, and visitors & audience members are encouraged to move chairs to socially distance. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful campus overlooking the scenic Four Peaks Mountain Range. 

Seussical KIDS - Paige Productions is starting rehearsal on the production, Seussical KIDS, in January 2022. This production features 30 performers ages 5-14 from Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Fountain Hills, AZ. This lively production will rehearse on Sundays and perform two shows on February 26, 2022. Additional details at 

Spring Break - Paige Productions is offering an exciting Spring Break Camp, featuring the show, Lemonade Stand, the Musical. Part of the fun includes performers selling their own lemonade, because what kid doesn’t want to have a lemonade stand? The Spring Break Camp will coincide with a Youth Business Fair. Local students can purchase a $10 table at the Spring Break performance to advertise their youth-led business. Young entrepreneurs ages 8-18 can market and sell their crafts, bracelets, baking, babysitting businesses, and much more. Details and enrollment for these exciting events can be found at 

Spring Break Theater Camp 2022
Lemonade Stand, The Musical
Ages 5-14
9 am-3 pm

Camp 1: March 7-11 
Camp 2: March 14-18 

Summer Camps - Paige Productions will host 8 weeks of summer camp for ages 5-14. The exciting line-up features three musicals and two acting & improvisation classes. The musicals include Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS, the musical, Aladdin, and the sure-to-sell-out, Annie KIDS. Enrollment is currently open, and selling fast, at

All camps, classes, events and performances are at Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 13001 N Fountain Hills Blvd., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. Tickets and enrollment information can be found at, or by calling (480)-375-8058. For additional information not included in this press release, please call Paige Beckman at (480) 375-8058. 
Seussical KIDS, Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS, & Annie KIDS are presented through special arrangement with Musical Theater International. All authorized performance materials also provided by MTI., 421 W. 54th St, New York, New York 10019, Phone 212-541-4684.

Photos below include the entire cast of Santa’s Send-Off Show, (top image), Rudolph & Santa from Santa’s Send-Off Show, (middle image). & Paige Beckman, Owner/Artistic Director of Paige Productions Youth Theater, (bottom image).

photos - GYPSY - Arizona Broadway Theatre

photos by Scott Samplin