Friday, August 22, 2014

VALHALLA, Nearly Naked Theatre, November 8 - 29, 2014

by Paul Rudnick
directed by Damon Dering

The fourth entry in our Returning Hit series, Paul Rudnick's Valhalla intertwines the lives of Bavarian King Ludwig II and American James Avery, as the two travel their separate paths to discover the true nature of beauty;  Ludwig in 1880s Bavaria and James in 1940s Texas. Along the way they meet the Handsomest High School Quarterback, the Prettiest Girl in Dainsville, the Swan Knight Lohengrin and Princess Sophie, the loneliest humpback in Europe, as the two men in different eras pursue their lives with operatic passion.Valhalla explores the questions of beauty and madness, and confronts the price to be paid for wanting, and getting, everything you dream of.  Valhalla was a sleeper-hit for n2t in 2005, and returns with an all-new cast and direction by Damon Dering.  Recommended for mature audiences.

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Director: Damon Dering
Assistant Director: Kenneth Anthony
Stage Manager: Joanne Gregg
Scenic Design: Eric Beeck
Lighting Design: Clare Burnett
Sound Design: Will Snider (based on original design by Mark Bennett)
Costume Design: Damon Dering

King Ludwig II of Bavaria: Vinny Chavez
James Avery: Cole Brackney
Margaret Avery, Queen Marie Natalie Kippelbaum: Susan St. John
Sally Mortimer, Princess Sophie, Princess Priscilla: Portia Beacham
Henry Lee Stafford, Helmut, Opera Singer: Jacob Gentile
Prince Otto, Johannes Pfeiffer, Sergeant: Pat Russel

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