Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cast announced for BIG FISH at Grand Canyon University

Edward Bloom. Cameron Swindler
Sandra Bloom:  Sydney Meyers
Will Bloom: Christian Shepherd
Josephine/Dance Captain:  Kaitlyn Bearman
Young Will: .Vernon Ensor
Jenny Hill/Mermaid: Bella Corsaro
Karl the Giant/Red Fang: Nathan Rojas
Amos Calloway: Dalton Smith
Don Price/Ensemble:  Cooper Townley
Jackie Price/Ensemble: Brinn Vennendaal
Dr. Bennett/Mayor/Ensemble: Nick Philips
The Witch/Ensemble: Madison Peters
General Patterson/Ensemble: Alex Medina
Fisherman/Ensemble : Kaylee Wilson
Ensemble/Choreographer:  Anna Mettes
Ensemble/Dance Captain:  Easton Ikenaga
Ensemble” Kailey Mazur, Thomas Heggem, Peyton Grace Daughtery, Ellie Landes, Peyton Davis, Kaylee Wilson, Anthony Piunno. Ryenne Morgan, Kenzie Huether, Gracie McGraw, Dexter Tuten, Ellie Swain, Gretchen Carpenter, Ella Horner, Payton Sharpe

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