Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Cast announced for BIG FISH at Actor's Youth Theatre

Edward Bloom: Braiden Lee
Young Edward: Charlie Hall
Will Bloom: Austin Watts
Sandra Bloom: Lily Nelson 
Young Sandra: Macy Bonnett
Joshephine: Savannah Swiatkowski
Young Will/Will Son: Henry Swiatkowski
Karl the Giant/ Dr. Bennett: Tyler Gilmore
Amos Calloway/Old West Fudge: Zacary Nelson
Don Price/Red Fang: Porter Carr
The Witch: Noelle Parent
Jenny Hill: Brooklyn Catchpole
Young Jenny Hill: Mason Berchman
Mermaid/Alabama Lamb: Maddie Sue Miller
Zacky Price/Boy Scout: Jack Galli
Alabama Lamb: Katrielle Jordan
Mayor/ General Patterson: Ryan Lucas
Fisherman: Valerie Codling 
Boy Scout: Caleb Dupree
Amos' Wife: Abbi Spector

Dance Ensemble 

Tiana Barnum, Brooklyn Catchpole, Valerie Codling, Sadie Holdeman, Harlow Miller, Tayler Slone, Ellie Spector


Mason Berchman, Sophie-Leigh Cannoy, Porter Carr, Caleb Dupree, Jack Galli, Katrielle Jordan, Ryan Lucas, Zacary Nelson, Seraphina Nevels, Marlee Rae Olson, Noelle Parent, Abbi Spector


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