Monday, November 20, 2023

A CHRISTMAS CAROL: A TWISTED MUSICAL COMEDY - Theatrikos Theatre Company - November 24—December 17, 2023

By Charles Dickens
Adapted by Alistair Clinton
Directed by Chris Verrill

Complete with audience participation and parodies of popular music, it’s a traditional fairy tale for the kids with Flagstaff humor for Mom and Dad.

A Christmas Carol: A Twisted Musical Comedy has been transported from old London to old Flagstaff. With references to local people and places such as Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff trains and falling pinecones. There’s also a comedic dancing cow and singing tree. Actor Nick Dietz’s favorite aspect of playing Scrooge is the chance to be ornery and portray a character completely unlike himself. “It’s a way of acting a fantasy. I’m a giant child–I love working with children.” What makes this production special for him is its “Flag spin”. “It is more fun for the whole family. This play will be a crowd-pleaser!”

“This show is inspired by the most popular form of theatre in the UK. And we’re bringing it to Arizona. Our version of this holiday classic is interactive. It’s a crazy comedy. It’s a musical; with songs that are parodies of popular music. It’s hilarious. You’ll have a fun Christmas time and you’ll leave clap happy in the end!” said Theatrikos executive director and show director Chris Verrill, who is doing A Christmas Carol for the seventh time.

“The dances in our show are all unique and different in their own ways covering different dance styles from basic musical theatre, hip hop, jazz, and more. My personal favorite is Christmas Ghostbusters because it is a classic song that involves almost the entire cast and was the most fun to choreograph!” says choreographer Alison Johnston.

The fun the actors have on stage is infectious. Chloe Bliss, one of eight children playing Presents that assist the Ghost of Christmas Present, enjoys her role because, “It’s fun to run around and fall into each other and chase Scrooge around the table.” Another child actor, Emily Ellsworth-Bowers, achieved her dream of playing Tiny Tim: “I thought he was the best of everything!”

Present: Chloe Bliss
Mrs Cratchit: Cassandra Caird
Dickens: Clare Campbell
Bob Cratchit: Kyle Cawood
Spirit of Christmas: Clappy
Ditsy: Josie Devlin
Ebenezer Scrooge: Nick Dietz
Turkey Child: Juniper Elewaut Ellsworth
Tiny Tim: Emily Bowers
Ghost of Jacob Marley: Kaelin Foster
Charlie: Aki Garcia
Mitsy: Teri Gochanour
Ghost of Christmas Past / Phineas Flag" Cathleen Goff
Present: Ara Grimm-Woolley
Petra: Josie Hebestreit
Elsie: Finch Johanson
Present: Eleanor Kestay
Mr Babbitt: Brian Kettles
Ghost of Christmas Present: Colleen Little
Present: Emma Little
Pine Cone Patty: Ava McCabe
Niece Fredericka: Macy McCarthy
Present: Marisol McCarthy
Present: Charlotte Monks
Bunny: Ralphie Jerome Murray
Present: Paige Olson
Belle: Leilah Poulson
Christmas Javelina: Catalina Shaffer
Young Scrooge: Joey Steinberg
Villager: Will Suchowiejko
Martha: Abigail Weber
Villager: Evelyn Weber
Pine Cone Petey: Emberlen Winsor
Present: Vivian Winsor
Villager: Violet Woodcock

Director Chris Verrill
Musical Director/Conductor Kenlynn Winsor
Choreographer Alison Johnston

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