Tuesday, June 28, 2022

PRIVATE LIVES - Don Bluth Front Row Theatre - July 21-August 27, 2022

By Noel Coward
Directed by Don Bluth

PRIVATE LIVES is one of the most sophisticated, entertaining plays ever written. Elyot and Amanda, once married and now honeymooning in France with new spouses at the same hotel, meet by chance, reignite the old spark and impulsively run off together. After days of being reunited, they again find their fiery romance alternating between passionate infatuation and ferocious hostility. Always lively, Coward’s script is filled to the brim with clever barbs and witty retorts. Caught in their path are their current spouses, Sibyl and Victor, who do their best to hold their own against Amanda and Elyot’s inescapable squabbles. Witty, ferocious, and endearingly modern.

"Gorgeous, dazzling, fantastically funny." - The New York Times
"A gleaming and gleeful comedy." - The New York Post
"A brilliant comedy. A very funny play." – Newsweek

PRIVATE LIVES is staged with in-the-round seating.

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