Monday, May 25, 2015

casting announcement - ARYA'S ROCK: A Video Game Adventure - East Valley Children's Theatre

Elizabeth Schaible of Mesa as Poko; LJ Deacon of Mesa as Jacob
and Maria Boas of Gilbert as Rawn
For more information on this production, that runs from June 18th to June 28th, click here

Jacob:  LJ Deacon
Mother/Arya:  Abigail Cheney
Narrator:  Tyler Briggs
Poko:  Elizabeth Schaible
Taru:  Brittany Fleming
Koboshobo:  Nick Williams
Fennesh:  Tanner Morris
Zoha:  Paige Van Conant
Rawn:  Maria Boas
Kee:  Calvin Mugge
Mee:  Grace Sallee

Warriors:  McKenzie Elias, Arianna Eckblad, Allison Poppell

Rogues/Villagers:  Suzy Olson, Nicole Rossi, Jacob Payne, Nathaniel Ross, Sarah Antell

Monks/Villagers:  Kahlo Vezino, Brighten Knight, Dante Dallago, Mackenzie Perry, Forrest Holt, Calabria Pelletier

Village Children:  Owen Wrather, Abby Primrose, Noelle O'Reilly, Steven Cook, Genevieve Saylor, Joshua Boenzi

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