Monday, May 11, 2015

audition announcement - CHARLEY'S AUNT - Don Bluth Front Row Theatre - June 1 & 4

Don Bluth Front Row Theatre's next Tuesday/Wednesday production will be: "Charley's Aunt," a classic farce by Brandon Thomas.

Cheryl Schaar will be directing this production.

Auditions will be held at the theater on Monday, June 1 or Thursday, June 4 anytime between 6-9pm.

For more information and/or directions to the theater, please visit or contact Cheryl Schaar at

Rehearsal start dates TBA

Production Runs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Aug-18 - Sep 23

Charles (Charley) Wykeham – An undergraduate at Oxford.  He is desperately in love with Amy Spettigue and will go to any extreme to confess his love to her. Male, early to mid 20’s

Jack Chesney – Also an undergraduate at Oxford and Charley’s best friend.  He is in love with Kitty Verdun and reluctantly agrees to Charley’s crazy scheme to win her hand in marriage. Male, early to mid 20’s

Lord Fancourt Babberley (Babbs) – A friend of Charley and Jack’s who is an amateur actor studying at Oxford.  He agrees to help his friends out by dressing in drag and posing as Charley’s Aunt. Male, early to mid 20’s

Brassett – Jack’s manservant.  Male, early 40’s

Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez – Charley’s Brazilian Aunt who is a millionaire.  She and Charley have never met before.  She is quite clever when she discovers the trick the boys are playing.  Female – early 40’s

Kitty Verdun – The girl Jack is in love with.  She is sweet, proper, pretty and a bit naïve.  Female, early to mid 20’s.

Amy Spettigue – The girl Charley is in love with.  She is also sweet, proper, pretty and perhaps a bit naïve as well.  Female, early to mid 20’s.

Colonel Sir Francis Chesney – Jack’s father who makes a surprise visit to inform Jack that he is buried in debt.  He decides to pursue “Charley’s Aunt” despite her odd appearance in order to marry into money.  Kind and good-natured. Male, early 40’s.

Stephen Spettigue – Amy’s Uncle and Kitty’s ward.  A well-to-do gentleman with a quick temper, yet charming smile.  He is pompous, assertive and easily drawn into an argument yet does so because he is extremely caring and protective of his niece and young ward.  Male late 40’s – 50’

Ela Delahay – An orphan young lady under the care of Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez.  She was once in love with Lord Fancourt but much to her grief, has lost touch with him.  Female, late teens.

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