Sunday, May 17, 2015

cast announcement - BIG FISH - Actor's Youth Theatre

For more information on this production, that runs June 22 - July 1, click here

Big Fish Cast:

Edward Bloom – Jonah Carlson
Will Bloom – Miles Johnson
Sandra Bloom – Sidne Phillips
Josephine Bloom – India Rose Chudnow
Karl – Danny Blankemeier
Amos Calloway – Noah Delgado
Don Price (USO Swing Dancer, Mayor #2) – Sam Cottle
Zacky Price (Ninja/Little Old Person) – LJ Webb
The Witch – Phoebe Koyabe
Jenny Hill (USO Tapper/Ballroom Dancer/Townsperson Dancer) – Emma Welch
Girl in the Water – Holly Sullivan
Dr. Bennett (Ninja/Circus Clown) – Bailey Gorman
Mayor #1 (Ninja/Groomsman/Knife Thrower) - Troy Jansen

Sophia Bavishi – USO Flag Twirler, Bridesmaid, Veil Dancer, Fisherwoman
Hayden Biggs – Ballroom Dancer, Ninja, Townsperson Dancer, Circus Juggler
Tayte Biggs – USO Swing Dancer, Townsperson Dancer, Circus Juggler, Fisherman
Hayley Boblett – USO Swing Dancer, Ballroom Dancer, Townsperson Dancer, Veil Dancer
Ellie Brooks – USO Tapper, Swamp Featured Dancer, Contortionist, Little Girl with Orange Cat
Jacob Brooks – USO Swing Dancer, Circus Teamster, Barber
Joel Brooks – USO Swing Dancer, Groomsman, Motorcycle Stuntman, Fisherman
Megan Codling – USO Gun Spinner, Wedding Planner, Hot-Blooded Shotgun Toter, Lion Tamer
Ethan Cook – Ninja, Shepherd, Strongman
Sarah Davidson – USO Swing Dancer, Witch Dancer, Snake Charmer’s Assistant
Bryce Dilullo – General, Groomsman, Dancing Grizzly Bear, Fisherman
Parker Ellsworth – USO Swing Dancer, Ballroom Dancer, Magician, Frustrated Fisherman
Meg Farnsworth – USO Gun Spinner, Cheerleader, Townsperson Dancer, Veil Dancer
Summer Farnsworth – USO Tapper, Bridesmaid, Alabama Lamb, Fisherwoman
Dayara Leyva – USO Flag Twirler, Swamp Stilt Dancer, Fortune Teller
Carlie Meeker – USO Gun Spinner, Cheerleader, Dancing Grizzly Bear Trainer, Townsperson Dancer
Grace Napoletano – USO Swing Dancer, Witch Dancer, Siamese Twin
Olivia Nienstedt – USO Tapper, Alabama Lamb Witch Dancer, Siamese Twin
Casey Pettyjohn – Red Fang, Ballroom Dancer, Sword Swallower, Fisherman
Haley Reed – USO Swing Dancer, Ballroom Dancer, Tightrope Walker, Townsperson Dancer
Rachel Spencer – USO Swing Dancer, Ballroom Dancer, Knife Thrower’s Assistant, Fisherwoman
Oriana Valcamp – USO Tapper, Bridesmaid, Townsperson Dancer
Ethan Vaughn – Ninja, Circus Teamster, Sharecropper
Kayleah Wilson – USO Swing Dancer, Swamp Stilt Dancer, Veil Dancer
Macy Wood – USO Gun Spinner, Bearded Lady, Schoolteacher
Emily Woodward-Shaw – USO Tapper, Swamp Featured Dancer, Magician Assistant
Ben Wright – USO Swing Dancer, Ballroom Dancer, Stunt Man, Fisherman
Emily Wright – USO Tapper, Witch Dancer, Stunt Woman 

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