Saturday, May 23, 2015

cast announcement - INTO THE WOODS - Valley Youth Theatre

VYT has announced the cast for Into the Woods, which runs June 12th to the 28th at the Herberger Center. Click here for more information on this production.

Actor                                     Role
Wil Arends                      Cinderella's Father
Connor Baker                  Cinderella's Prince
Elyssa Blonder                Lucinda
Addison Bowman            Cinderella's Mother
Jacob Browning               Mysterious Man
Lily Castle                      Rapunzel
Spencer Claus                  Steward
Carly Copp                      Witch
Benny Cowans                 Sleeping Beauty
Sophia Deyden                 Stepmother
Tatum Dial                      Cinderella
Sophia Drapeau                Jack's Mom
Alex Kirby                       Little Red
Ally Lansdowne                Baker's Wife
Carly McClain                  Granny
Julian Mendoza                 Rapunzel's Prince
Sarah Pansing                   Snow White
Alex Partida                      Narrator
Sam Primack                     Jack
Vincent Pugliese                Wolf
Michael Schulz                  Baker
Caroline Wells                  Florinda

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