Saturday, March 30, 2024

Cast announced for TITANIC at Hale Centre Theatre

Thomas Andrews: Tyler Thompson
Frederick Barrett: Zac Bushman
Harold Bride: Bennett Smith
Frederick Fleet: Bennett Allen Wood
Captain E.J. Smith: Bryan Stewart
J. Bruce Ismay: Cameron Rollins
Charles Clarke: Kevin Orduño
Edgar Beane: Raymond Barcelo
Isidor Straus: Gary Pimentel
Jim Farrell: Jason Irr
Henry Etches / Pitman: Brandt Norris
Murdoch: Ryan Monaghan
Lightoller: Trevon Powell
Bellboy: Joseph Strode
Alice Beane: Ivana Martinic
Caroline Neville: Amanda Valenzuela
Kate McGowan: Brie Wadsworth-Gates
Kate Murphy: Gillian Elliott
Kate Mullins: Gracie Gamble
Ida Straus: Mary Jane McCloskey
Ensemble: Kira Galindo
Ensemble: Alixandra Giordano
Ensemble: Adam Guinn
Ensemble: Reece Harris
Ensemble: Joshua South

Alice Beane & Ida Straus: Kira Galindo
Kate Murphy & Kate Mullins: Alixandra Giordano
Kate McGowan & Caroline Neville: Gracie Gamble
Captain E.J. Smith, Isidor Straus & J. Bruce Ismay: Adam Guinn
Thomas Andrews: Cameron Rollins
Harold Bride & Frederick Barrett: Reece Harris
Frederick Fleet, Bellboy & Charles Clarke: Joshua South

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