Sunday, March 10, 2024

Cast announced for KISS AND TELL at Hale Centre Theatre

Harry Archer: Tyler Brignone
Janet Archer: Virginia Olivieri
Lenny Archer: Kale Burr
Corliss Archer: Mae Soelberg
Uncle George: J. Clay Lawson
Louise: Julie Yolles
Bill Franklin: Tyler Maxson
Mary Franklin: Alice Johnson
Dexter Franklin: Bowen Maxson
Robert Pringle / Mr. Willard: Jere Van Patten
Dorothy Pringle: Allyson Van Patten
Mildred Pringle: Emma Wind
Raymond Pringle: Max Nevarez
Private Earhart: Truman Regard-Whipple

Harry Archer / Bill Franklin Understudy: Adam Guinn
Janet Archer Understudy: Alice Johnson
Dexter Franklin Understudy: Joshua Palmer
Lenny Archer / Private Earhart Understudy: Brandt Norris
Corliss Archer / Mildred Pringle Understudy: Hannah Taylor
Uncle George / Robert Pringle / Mr. Willard Understudy: Richard Jones
Louise / Dorothy Pringle / Mary Franklin Understudy: Kathleen Richards
Raymond Pringle Understudy: Henry Swiatkowski

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