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Auditions for B3 Theater's 7TH FESTIVAL OF SHORTS announced for March 16

Join B3 Theater’s 7th Festival of Shorts, auditioning Saturday March 16th, from 10AM to 1PM.  There are several different directors and projects looking to cast.  Positions are paid a small stipend. 

Auditions are over zoom.  To reserve your 10 minute slot, please go to:

Performances are May 17-25 on Fridays and Saturdays at SNAP (Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place).  

Here is the character breakdown:

Elephant Grey by Lisa Attanasio, directed by Angel Sicairos:
Man 1
Man 2

Pages, Ash, Stars, and Ink by Spencer Wareing, directed by Angelica Saario:
ELIZABETH ‘LIZ’ KENSINGTON (genderfluid/nonbinary) — A teenager faced with the
realities of life as told through the storybooks she and her mom read to each other. 
MOM (female presenting) — Liz’s mother and closest confidant. She is strong-willed, smart, and
dedicated to whatever she sets her mind to. She is diagnosed with Leukemia and does her best to
stay strong for her daughter. 
LEAH (any gender) — The wolf and toxic lover of Liz/her character self. A passionate and
emotional creature. She feeds lies to Liz in a failed attempt to keep Liz from leaving.
KILLIAN (male presenting) — A boy who flies away and the best friend of Liz/her character
self. He is sweet and, while anxious about his future, ready for the next step off the ledge of life.

Remembering Sara Wilde by Nelson Clark, directed by Dolores Mendoza:

DR. EVELYN SKINNER, 40’s and up, any race. Earnest and compassionate, she’s real.
SARA WILDE, 30’s and up, any race. She oozes Southern wit and grit.
All Sales Final by Jane Lee, directed by Gianbari Deebom:
MANAGER: Any gender, any age, adult. Brisk and confident in their job.
NORA: Female, 60s to 80s. Distraught.
TED: Male, 60s to 80s. NORA’s husband. Dead.

Jack Pork by Donna Hoke, directed by Travis Bovard:

JACK PORK: Television actor
CHRISSIE: Television actress

Dream Meaning by Rebecca Kane, directed by Eliana Burns:

MINNIE: A teenager with a spooky sensibility. Woman, any race. 
CHARLOTTE: A woman, age flexible, put-together, Minnie’s older sister. Woman, any race.  

Other roles possible, depending on needs of directors.

B3 welcomes all types and experience levels.  You are encouraged to audition, and we strive to make the experience fun.

For more information, please visit or , or write Ilana Lydia at

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