Sunday, March 3, 2024

Auditions for the Workshop of THE BIRDIE CHRONICLES at B3 Theater announced for March 8 & 9

Auditions for Workshop of "The Birdie Chronicles" by Briar Rose Dangel. Directed by Gabriel Escudero. A five day commitment.

We are seeking actors who want to workshop a new piece by Briar Rose Dangel during the week of March 25th and ending on March 29th. This is a staged reading, so no memorization necessary! Help be a part of the process as we help writers see how their work gets translated from the script to the stage. The auditions will be on March 8th from 6pm-8pm and March 9th from 10am-12pm. 

Auditions will take place on zoom. Performances at the Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place.

Actors will be paid with a $50 stipend.

Video auditions can be submitted to Video auditions due by March 9th.

Show Summary:
Meet Birdie, star of The Birdie Chronicles. She never saw herself as a star, but here she is. Perhaps its hard to see yourself as a star when you have an everything-phobic mother breathing down your back. And an abusive drama teacher. And a coworker who insists on being a terf. But hey, God chose to make grapes and not wine, so Birdie is certainly allowed to be a Trans Woman. And so, like fine wine, Birdie will come out. Literally, she comes out being the best of the best. But more importantly, she will be free to fly like all those birds in all those poems she read as a wee child.

Character Breakdown:
An ensemble cast will enact the following:

Mother Dearest: middle aged. There's a comedic but secretly sad aspect to her.

Doyle: middle aged. He thinks he's funny but he's not. The type to not realize that nobody else is laughing.

Ralph is the youngest adult in the group. Someone who is more in his 30s/40's

Carnel: Middle aged. Nice. Extremely nice. Fake nice

Mark/ Darin/Jim/Penn HighSchool to College age boys

Pentalse: 18-22 ish. Comedic character

Anne: Highschool age. Pleasant to a point. Some would see her as "nice and polite."

Natasha: 20's-30's. The nicest actress who can play the meanest woman

Meg: middle aged. Looking for a comedic actor.

Anne's mother: 30's An older woman desperately trying to cover her Grey hairs.

Brandy: Early to mid 20s. Tomboy with a comedic relationship to Birdie.

Gwen: college age. The only quiet and reserved drama club member

Harvey: A brooder in the back type when you first meet him but once you get home talking about one of his passions, he's very loud and and very out there. Definitely a former theatre kid turned theatre adult.

Brutus: Age 25-30. Himbo. So think Ken from Barbie or Freddie from Scooby-Doo. Looking for only a trans masc person for this role

Aloe Vera: Early 20's the baby of the group.

Liam: Someone who holds hidden pain and plays it off well.

Birdie's Father. Early to mid 50's. Scary and intimidating.

Birdie's Stepmother: Mid 60's. Classic wicked stepmother

Amore: College Age. Comedic relationship to Birdie

Dorothy: college aged. Someone who is young and naïve.

Birdie: 20s. She's depressed at home, and that depression manifests itself in anger and sarcasm at home. But at school she is her truest self. Or as real as she can be anyway. Looking dramatic actor who can really play into the contrast. Looking only for a Trans femme POC Artist for this role.

The Playwright. Ageless Goddess figure who exists outside of time. Primarily looking for trans femme identifying people.

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