Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cast announced for SLEEPING BEAUTY at Valley Youth Theatre


Princess Beauty: Sophie Specter •

Prince: Miquel Jose (MJ) Maldonado Chapman •

Barbel, the Wicked Fairy: Gianna Arrighi

Queen Fairy:  Nina Honsberger •

Fairies: Ava Petri • and Ava Morgan •

Queen: Gabriella Grasso

King:  James Nesbitt •

Cricket, the Court Jester: Neeya Nuez

Cook: Luke Chester

Cook’s Boy: Shaun Davis

Emelia: Parker Pitt

Ladies: Ruby Crogan •, Petra Milan Danek and Gracie Palmer

Lords:  Oliver Christie, Lucy Glow and Tayson Toledo •

Pages: Jacquelyn Fuchs and Chloe Jean Minaker

Actors with a “•” are making their VYT mainstage debut in Sleeping Beauty.

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