Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Cast announced for DISASTER at Arizona Broadway Theatre

Chad Rubick: Joe Ogren
Scott: Matthew Paris^:
Professor Ted Scheider: Tyler Gallaher:
Tony Delvecchio: Christian Fary^
Marianne Wilson: Alyssa Armstrong
Sister Mary Downy: Lynzee Foreman
Shirley Winters: Carolyn McPhee
Maury Winters: Wes Martin
Levora Verona: Brooklynn Grace^
Jackie Noelle: Cara Chumbley^
Ben/Lisa Noelle: Emilee Clapp
Casino Guests & Staff:
Tony Blosser
Gina Guarino^
Temperance Jones^
Bruno Streck Rodrigues
Natalie Schaffer^
Isaac Wesley Wilson
^ = ABT Debut

Directed by Danny Gorman
Choreography: Kurtis W. Overby
Music Direction: Lizzie Webb
Sound Design: Jesse Worley
Costume Design: Lenora J. Nikitin
Wig Design/Coordination: Chris Zizzo
Prop Coordination: Jamie Hohendorf-Parnell
Lighting Design: Heather Reynolds
Scenic Design: Ryan Howell
Stage Management: Nico Rossetti

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