Monday, August 21, 2023

B3 Theater's 2023-2024 Season!

B3 Theater Inc.’s 2023-2024 Season Reveal

Mainstage Shows
Cannibal Diaries by Paco Jose Madden—October 2023
Coming Out for Christmas by Carlin Thomas—December 2023
They’ll Love You for It by Ilana Lydia—March 2024
12th Night:  Roll for Perception adapted from Shakespeare by Chris Frank—June 2024

Studio Season
A Workshop of The Birdie Chronicles by Briar Rose Dangel—September 2023
A Festival of Feminist Theater—January 2024
A Workshop of Say Cheesecake!  The Musical About Girls of a Golden Age by Allison Fradkin—April 2024
The 7th Festival of Shorts—May 2024

Mainstage Shows

Cannibal Diaries
by Paco Jose Madden
October 2023

It’s sometime in near future America and the consumption of meat is outlawed.  Red-blooded Americans must fulfill their cravings for man flesh somehow, someway.  Enter 13-year-old Cindy and her family of cannibals.  They prey upon members of the community while keeping their cannibalism under wraps.  But what happens when everyone turns cannibal?  Cindy and her fam find themselves on the lam.  Will they survive or find themselves as someone else’s lunch?   

Coming Out for Christmas 
by Carlin Thomas
December 2023

Having lesbian moms means double the potential mommy issues. After making a pact with friends to come out to her moms before Christmas, shy Jenna works up the courage to share via a story she's written. As her moms read, every Twilight/Divergent chapter gets more dystopian than the last, but will they be ready for what they discover at the end? An uplifting story that shows the necessity and power of inclusivity, Coming Out for Christmas is a grand celebration of love and family.

They’ll Love You for It 
by Ilana Lydia
March 2024

The future of 2080.  America has veered to the right and the mentally ill are no longer classified as human beings.  A paranoid schizophrenic is visited by a social worker who offers her soup, but both are scooped up and taken to the state hospital.  When they return both land a spot on a commercialized reality show.  A story with Capitalism on steroids and the chill factor of The Hunger Games, They’ll Love You for It mixes the surreal with the only-too-real and shows how bureaucracy can eat people alive. 

12th Night:  Roll for Perception
Adapted from Shakespeare by Chris Frank
June 2024

Retold as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, this Shakespearean tale is known for the yellow cross-gartered Malvolio, a misunderstood and much-abused manservant who is punished for his hubris by being led to believe that his lady has fallen in love with him.  Funny and often surprising, this script imbues a modern sensibility into one of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies, 12th Night.

Studio Season

A Workshop of The Birdie Chronicles
by Briar Rose Dangel
September 2023

A coming-of-age story featuring a harassed but ultimately triumphant trans woman, The Birdie Chronicles captures the unique voice of a Gen Z heroine battling to be heard and understood by her family and her peers.

A Festival of Feminist Theater
January 2024

Born out of our Evening of Feminist Theater, this festival will celebrate all peoples female-presenting and non-binary.  Feminism is the rising up and equalizing of power for over half the world’s population.  We will be featuring short works by, about, and for women.

A Workshop of Say Cheesecake!  The Musical About Girls of a Golden Age
by Allison Fradkin
April 2024

A witty reworking of the TV series The Golden Girls featuring all of our favorite cheeky characters, Say Cheesecake! takes the gals out on one last spin through absurdity.

The 7th Festival of Shorts
May 2024

We love working with new playwrights, and the 7th Festival of Shorts is our opportunity to do just that.  With a little something for everyone, these shorts are sure to amuse and hit home.

B3 Theater, Inc. is proud to be starting its 7th season.  Come join us behind the scenes, on the stage, or in the audience.  We give a voice to new playwrights, and are eager to aid our community of authors in discovering each other and telling new tales.

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