Thursday, February 13, 2020

The New Works Play Reading Group has announced their March play - THE CALM BEFORE

The New Works Play Reading Group will be having their March meeting on Sunday, March 8 @ 11am at Salut Kitchen Bar in Tempe on University and McClintock.

The piece that we will be discussing is "the calm before" by Deborah Yarchun ( Here's some info about it:

"the calm before" is a two-character father-daughter drama set in Rockport, TX the night Hurricane Harvey makes landfall. Ellen desperately attempts to get her recalcitrant father, a conservative 65-year old former Navy SEAL, out. As the hurricane bears down – difficult parts of their past and their current ideological differences play out; the two brace themselves for a night of tough winds, tough love, and confronting uncomfortable truths.

Ellen Mayborn 32, Female: She wears wellies the entire play. Sometimes speaks quickly. She’s like a hurricane in her own way. She has panic attacks but not in dire circumstances. Only over little things. And she can’t explain it. Can be played by: Age: 20s, 30s Race/Ethnicity: Any race/ethnicity Gender: Female

Mitch Mayborn 65, Caucasian, Male: Ellen’s father. He wears loafers the entire play. He has an incredible amount of volition and nerve. He’s like a hurricane in his own way. He doesn’t own a cell phone, but not because he’s a technophobe. He just can’t be bothered to adjust. He has a dry sense of humor. Temperamental but sees himself as a generous, giving man. Can be played by: Age: 60s Race/Ethnicity: White Gender: Male

Reading, The Blank Theatre, 2019
Reading, Capital Repertory Theatre, 2019

Finalist, Forward Flux Three New American Plays Commission, Forward Flux, 2018

Jason Walz and Janis Webb will be your hosts for this meeting with Jason facilitating the discussion. We hope you will come to what will be a great time discussing and analyzing a new work! This isn't like a "play reading" where you might read a part in a group setting. This will be more like a nuts and bolts discussion of a new play from the perspective of character analysis, scene development, producibility, action, and whatever other angle you'd like to look at it from. Actor's perspective, director's perspective, TD's perspective...however you'd like to participate is welcome! We intend this to be an open forum but one focused on a discussion of the play as viewed from different perspectives. Since we will be meeting at a restaurant please be prepared to buy at least an iced tea or something.

You can download a copy of the script as a PDF
(This script was obtained from the New Play Exchange via a paid membership. Please don't share it or use it for any other purpose other than for use with this group/meeting.)

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