Friday, February 14, 2020

audition notice - TUCK EVERLASTING - CYT Phoenix - February 21 & 22

Tuck Everlasting Audition Schedule
Friday 2/21 | Dance Auditions 6:30pm-8:30pm
6:30-7:30: Dance audition 1: ALL AUDITIONERS
7:30-8:30: Dance audition 2: Some auditioners will be let go after the first round, and those asked to stay will go through a more advanced dance audition.

Saturday 2/22 | Vocal Auditions & Callbacks 9:00am-5:00pm
9:00-11:30: Vocal Auditions
11:30-12:00: Lunch Break
12:00-12:30: Meeting with all auditioners. Please do your best to attend this all cast meeting.
12:30-1:00: Parts Singing
1:00-1:20: Constable Joe Callbacks (singing)
1:20-1:40: Hugo Callbacks (singing)
1:40-2:00: Constable Joe & Hugo (scene)
2:00-2:20: Man in Yellow Callbacks (singing)
2:20-2:40: Man in Yellow Callbacks (scene)
2:40-4:00: Tuck Family Callbacks (singing) 20 min each
4:00-4:40: Winnie/Tuck Family Callbacks (scene work)
4:40-5:00: Winnie Callbacks (singing)

How to Sign Up
  • Enrollment in CYT classes provides students (ages 8-18) the opportunity to audition for CYT Phoenix's current session main stage production. As you are registering for your class this session, you will be asked if you would like to sign up for an audition. At that point, you may request any of the open time slots. If you do not wish to sign up at that moment, you can log in to your family account later and request an audition time slot then.

After signing up for your CYT class and your audition slot, it’s time to get ready for your audition! Each student should prepare the following:
  • One-minute vocal audition. This can be a track that you bring with you or you can sing the provided audition song cut which can be downloaded from the show page. If you choose to bring your own music, it must be in the form of a CD or digital file that can be played from your device with the provided auxiliary cord. Please do not sing along with a track that has vocals or “a cappella.” There will NOT be a pianist.  Please note that if your audition song is over one minute, you may be stopped so that we can keep everything moving on time.
  • One-minute monologue. This is NOT required, but encouraged for students wishing to be considered for a lead role.
  • Current head shot or recent photograph.
  • Resume of past productions (if this is your first show, that’s OK!)
  • Audition Packet forms

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