Friday, May 13, 2016

Review - TWILIGHT'S QUEST - Youth Works at Theater Works

Lily Castle
photo: Wade Moran/ Moran Imaging
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 "Youth Works at Theater Works' production of the original musical Twilight's Quest combines elements from beloved fantasy stories into an upbeat musical adventure that is both comical and mysterious. While there are a few small shortcomings in the show, the score is impressive and this production features an incredible cast and rich, immersive creative elements which result in a very rewarding journey....(Chris) Hamby's story is intriguing and his characters are original, even if they are based on familiar archetypes. His script is full of adventure but also peppered with moments of comedy and warmth. The varied score includes a few upbeat numbers, including a rocking, R&B-fused power ballad for the evil Maevilin that is superb, along with several comical songs and a few numbers that feature haunting melodies. (Stephen) Schermitzler provides the orchestrations and they are lush and full of life. While, overall, Twilight's Quest is an inventive and rich experience, there are some areas that could be better focused. ...With the exception of just a few individuals, every character only appears in one scene. This results in minimal character development as well as the need for a bit more clarity in some of the scenes about exactly what Twilight is learning from these individuals....Also, Twilight doesn't really get a big solo song until toward the end of act one, which seems a long time to wait for the title character to sing about her experience. However, these shortcomings only detract minimally from the overall experience of the piece. ...The large company of talented Youth Works actors brings plenty of life and refined musical theatre experience to their roles. Lily Castle is impressive as Twilight, with a soaring, beautiful voice and a combination of both excitement and confusion in the character's feelings about the adventure before her. As Maevilin, Quincy Janisse uses her powerful voice and deliciously evil ways bring fire and life to this wicked character. ...Production elements are nothing short of spectacular, with Dori Brown's lush forest setting and Jeff Davis' spectacular lighting design constantly changing and shifting; together, they create some amazing stage pictures....Youth Works at Theater Works continues to impress me with not only their ability to effectively produce large scale musicals, moving dramas, and inventive new works, but also in the rewarding and rich performances that their casts always deliver. Even with a few quibbles around the clarity of the story, with the combination of an immensely talented cast, clear direction, an impressive score, and outstanding creative elements, Twilight's Quest is an exceptionally satisfying adventure."  -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

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