Monday, May 16, 2016

cast announcement - SNOW WHITE AND ROSE RED - East Valley Children's Theatre

for more information on this production, which runs June 16th to June 26th, CLICK HERE

Young Rose Red: Cadence Vuncannon
Young Snow White: Jenna Officer
Rose Red: Nicole Rossi
Snow White: Suzy Olson
Mother: Allison Poppell
Father: Casey Pettyjohn
Young Nikolai: Owen Wrather
Young Maks: Jonah Romanoff
Nikolai: Leonel Gallegos
Maks: Tim Swanson
Dowager Empress: Jessica Hughes
Attendant to Empress: Malia Williams
Mistress Vasily: Isabela Herckes
Captain: Forrest Holt
Guard #1: Derek Tover
Guard #2: Joshua Johnson
Pavel: Elizabeth Schaible
Dwarf #1: Christian Armani
Dwarf #2: Noelle O’Reilly
Dwarf #3: Joshua Boenzi
Dwarf #4: Taylor Elias
Dwarf #5: Brighten Knight
Dwarf #6: Moranda Smith
Bear: Charley Silbergleith
Faun: Brooke Anundson
Kit: Kailana Williams
Fledgling: Blythe Brown
Servant/Gypsy: Elie Amparano
Servant/Gypsy: Tori Richter
Servant/Gypsy: Karen Marroquin
Servant/Gypsy: Elena Mugge
Servant/Gypsy: Mackenzie Perry
Servant/Common Folk: Matthew Johnson
Servant/Common Folk: Riley Long
Servant/Common Folk: Sofia Rhorer
Servant/Common Folk: Elyzabeth Bangerter

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