Tuesday, May 17, 2016

audition notice - GET A CLUE OR DIE & HOW TO MURDER A MILLIONAIRE - Murder and a Meal Dinner Theatre - May 23

Playwright: Gary Payne
Director: Kinsey Peotter

Compensation: Salary

GET A CLUE OR DIE- A comedic spoof of the popular board game.

HOW TO MURDER A MILLIONAIRE- A comedic spoof of “The Dating Game”.

Character Breakdown


Miss Scarlett- a gold digger after Mr. BODDEE’s money. She seems very eager to marry him. He is hesitant but finds her irresistible. She has crashed his social circle via their relationship.

Colonel Mustard- part of Mr. Boddee’s social circle but has become very forgetful and is still fighting his last war.

Mr. Green- a renowned horticulturist/landscaper – also very flamboyant. BODDEE is GREEN’s best landscaping client, but is slow to pay. GREEN’s aunt is Mrs. WHITE and GREEN is secretly enraged at the way BODDEE treats his aunt.

Mr. Boddee- a rich eccentric, ill-tempered, shady businessman. Everyone has a reason to hate him. If he has friends, it is because they want something he has.

Stu Pidderdenmost- a security guard who mysteriously shows up at the mansion of Mr. BODDEE, and is tasked with solving the crime(s) that take place there.


Dirk Dagwell- the rich and eligible bachelor.

Carleen- the redneck mother to Tonya. Think Honey Boo-Boo’s mother.

Tonya- the redneck daughter to Carleen. Think Honey Boo-Boo.

Darma- the annoying, overachieving bachelorette.

Additional Info

Even during times where laughs have been hard to come by, Murder and a Meal Comedy Dinner Theatre has been “serving up heaping platefuls of belly-laughs since 2005”. We provide a fully interactive entertainment experience, which lets YOU in on the action! Our intimate dining room seating brings you face to face with some of the funniest actors in the valley while you enjoy a delicious 3-course meal! While our acting chops are top notch, we don’t like keeping ourselves stuck to a stuffy old stage. Our staff is a talented group of people who come from various backgrounds, to include the mecca of comedy itself, Second City! Bring your sense of humor, and join us as we fill your evening with food, fun, laughter… and maybe a little crime on the side! We aren’t theater for just theater-goers, because we aren’t Broadway; BUT, we are theater for EVERYONE!!!

NOTE: Our shows are ongoing throughout the year.

What To Prepare

If you would like to prepare a comedic monologue in addition to a cold read from the script, feel free!

Orange Tree Golf Club
10601 N 56th St
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

Located in the Valencia room at the resort. Follow signs from the main entrance or as the bell desk if you need help locating the audition room.

Appointment Contact
(602) 529-4093

Audition Dates and Times:
Monday, May 23 —  times are by appointment only…
Callback Dates and Times:

Primary Contact:
Kinsey Peotter
(480) 523-4039

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