Thursday, May 19, 2016

review - POSTCARDS FROM THE APOCALYPSE - Brelby Theatre Company

the cast
Photo by Fernando Perez
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"There have been dozens of films and TV shows that portray how the world will end, and playwright Paco Madden has crafted an inventive comedy/drama that depicts over a half dozen of these apocalyptic endings. While Madden's Postcards from the Apocalypse, receiving its world premiere at Brelby Theatre Company, has a few shortcomings, the production has a talented cast that instills plenty of laughs along with an abundance of hope and heart in this well-directed production.
The young couple Marco and Jenny find themselves separated after having had a fight shortly before the apocalypse happens. They previously agreed to meet at the top of a mountain if the world comes to an end so Marco waits patiently for Jenny to arrive. While he is waiting he receives word from Jenny, usually by way of postcards, and based on the images on the postcards or the words that Jenny uses Marco imagines the various ways that the world has ended... Unfortunately, while Madden's script is interesting and intriguing, a few of the apocalyptic possibilities run on a bit too long and there is some confusion as to whether or not the scenarios are all in Marco's imagination or if the world has literally been set upon by multiple apocalypses....Director Mat Vansen elicits effective portrayals from his cast while also not allowing the shifts in tone throughout the play, from comical to serious, to not be too obtrusive ...the mostly grungy costume designs by Cody Goulder and fantastic hair and makeup designs by Megan O'Connor are quite effective in portraying the impact on the war-ravaged and zombie-infested individuals. ...Ultimately, Postcards from the Apocalypse comes across as a series of very different "Saturday Night Live"-style skits, some of which are more effective than the others. Even though the piece could be better focused with more clarity, there is a connectivity to the vignettes and the ones with comical moments are funny with organic bits that grow out of the situations."  -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway (click here to read the complete review)

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