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ASU Gammage High School Musical Theater Awards - May 21, 2016

Tickets are on sale for the ASU Gammage High School Musical Theater Awards, which will be awarded next Saturday, May 21, 7:00 p.m. at ASU Gammage

CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase tickets for $5.00

This Tony Award inspired event features 19 local high schools, and nearly 500 students participating.
It's a red carpet awards event with performances to showcase the students’ hard work, talent and passion for the arts. And it's FUN too!

Awards will be presented in many different categories and the winners of Best Leads Male and Female – will go to NYC for an all-expense paid trip to participate in the Jimmy Awards – which is part of the National High School Musical Theater Awards.

Local arts and community leaders judge all of the performances in these categories. Here is a complete list of the nominees:

Overall Production: Godspell
Best Male Lead: Matthew Eads
Best Supporting Male: Chris Lukaszewski
Best Supporting Female: Julissa Garcia
Best Vocalist: Matthew Eads
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Michael Castro
Best Tech- Sound: Brennan Kuhman
Best Tech- Lighting: Brennan Kuhman
Best Tech- Costumes: Krystina Vargas and Lauren Kuhman
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Sienna Christie
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Tamara Palatrone
Gammage Scholarship: Matthew Eads, Julissa Garcia

Overall Production: Chess
Best Male Lead: Dawson O’Quinn
Best Female Lead: Jaclyn Wycoff
Best Supporting Male: Amar Al-Jabri
Best Supporting Female: Abrianna Bueno
Best Vocalist: Matthew Sapp
Best Tech- Sound: Hannah Lee/ Teya Stone
Best Tech- Lighting: Tanner Williams/ Hannah Bowles
Best Tech- Costumes: Abi Madsen
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Kaylin Reynolds/ Taylor Stein
Gammage Scholarship: Nikki Rooney, Jaclyn Wycoff

Overall Production: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Best Male Lead: Matt Merritt
Best Female Lead: Julia Gellman
Best Supporting Male: Sam Ducey
Best Supporting Female: Rebecca Steiner
Best Vocalist: Julia Gellman
Best Dancer: Sam Primack and Rebecca Steiner- SCORE TIE
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Natalie Karl
Best Tech- Sound: Jordan Rowley
Best Tech- Lighting: Mack Woods/ Kyle Chabrier (TEAM)
Best Tech- Costumes: Sara Harpenau
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Mariah Gill/ Josie Woods (TEAM)
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Alex Copp
Gammage Scholarship: Matt Merritt, Sam Ducey

Overall Production: Urinetown
Best Male Lead: Jeremy Yompolsky
Best Female Lead: Aubrey Cole
Best Supporting Male: Kyle Watkins
Best Supporting Female: Ciara Walker
Best Vocalist: Michael Goldstein
Best Dancer: Jeremy Yompolsky
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Kristen Matta/ Maggie Sarandi (TEAM)
Best Tech- Sound: Kaleb Unger
Best Tech- Lighting: Caroline Kiereopoulos
Best Tech- Costumes: Molly Gluzinski
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Asa Jordan
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Dana Doyle, Ciara C, Jessica T, Anthony L (TEAM)
Gammage Scholarship: Jeremy Yampolsky, Aubrey Cole

Overall Production: The Addams Family
Best Male Lead: Kevin Kennedy
Best Female Lead: Gabriela Giusti
Best Supporting Male: Zackary Radar
Best Supporting Female: Alli Haliday
Best Vocalist: Mackenna Goodrich
Best Dancer: Nicole Boucher
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Tyler Haselton, Madison Hettrich (TEAM)
Best Tech- Sound: Nicole Cox, Lara Bustos (TEAM)
Best Tech- Lighting: Sabrina Green, Casey Emans (TEAM)
Best Tech- Costumes: Gabriela Giusti, Zoe Jirovsky, Jordan Van Kirk (TEAM)
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Dominique Roberts, Kaetlyn Tower, Savannah Rhoades (TEAM)
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Kara Jenkins, JordanOsness, Hannah Van Genderen (TEAM)
Gammage Scholarship: Mackenna Goodrich, Gabriela Giusti

Overall Production: Peter Pan
Best Male Lead: Noah King
Best Female Lead: Holly Payne
Best Supporting Male: Keaton Harris
Best Supporting Female: Emily Campbell
Best Vocalist: Holly Payne
Best Dancer: Holly Payne
Best Tech- Sound: Tanner Elkins
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Rosa Mejia
Gammage Scholarship: Holly Payne, Noah King

Overall Production: Hairspray
Best Male Lead: Ryan Choll
Best Female Lead: Allison Escalante
Best Supporting Male: Blake Sullivan
Best Supporting Female: Kaitlyn Holt
Best Vocalist: Kaitlyn Holt
Best Dancer: Antonio Grimes
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Karolena Lein
Gammage Scholarship: Karolena Lein, Michila Elkins

Overall Production: Hairspray
Best Male Lead: Albert Johnsten
Best Female Lead: Katelyn Holt
Best Supporting Male: Blake Sullivan
Best Supporting Female: Kaylin Alexander
Best Vocalist: Taryn Landis, Kaycee Molino (SCORE TIE)
Best Dancer: Jennifer Paul
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Karolena Lein
Best Tech- Sound: Tallon Pesch
Best Tech- Lighting: Natasha Loving
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Madi Geiger

Overall Production: Footloose
Best Male Lead: Travis Zale
Best Female Lead: Kaylee Gordon
Best Supporting Male: Paul Amato
Best Supporting Female: Alyssa Ebel
Best Vocalist: Deanna Alcala
Best Dancer: Caleb Conlin
Best Tech- Sound: Alex Goltz
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Amaya Lee
Gammage Scholarship: Deanna Alcala, Alyssa Ebel

Overall Production: Big Fish
Best Male Lead: Hale Stewart
Best Female Lead: Anna Sera
Best Supporting Male: Keegan Luther
Best Supporting Female: Gabi Johnson
Best Vocalist: Anna Sera
Best Dancer: Lexie Murphy
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Elizabeth McSorley
Gammage Scholarship: Keegan Luther, Ben Lyons

Overall Production: Meet Me in St. Louis
Best Male Lead: Keith Foster
Best Female Lead: Crystal Kubby
Best Supporting Male: Zach  Brooks
Best Supporting Female: Tierney Phillips
Best Vocalist: Crystal Kubby, Macie Chernov (SCORE TIE)
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Kylie Chapin
Gammage Scholarship: Keith Foster, Macie Chernov

Overall Production: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Best Male Lead: Ryan Dunn
Best Female Lead: Rhea Johnson
Best Supporting Male: Michael Gerardi, Devon Policci (SCORE TIE)
Best Supporting Female: Noelle Soucek
Best Vocalist: Brandon Hayes
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Samuel Nelson
Best Tech- Sound: Alex Doudna
Best Tech- Lighting: Arianna Fiandaca
Best Tech- Costumes: Caitlyn Hicks
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Maya Whitaker
Gammage Scholarship: Peyton Flake, Alex Doudna

Overall Production: The Sound of Music
Best Male Lead: Ari Bradshaw
Best Female Lead: Sarah Dailey
Best Supporting Male: Harrison Rooney
Best Supporting Female: Leah Chanen
Best Vocalist: Madison Dever

Overall Production: Grease
Best Male Lead: Weston Boardman
Best Female Lead: Sarah Kunz
Best Supporting Male: Benjamin Leach
Best Supporting Female: Kacee Roberts
Best Vocalist: Sarah Kunz
Best Dancer: Anna Cortabitarte
Gammage Scholarship: Weston Boardman, Kacee Roberts

Overall Production: The Sound of Music
Best Male Lead: Brad Posey
Best Female Lead: Ruby Price
Best Supporting Male: Noah Clark
Best Supporting Female: Josiah Pierce
Best Vocalist: Josiah Pierce
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Sophia Rodriguez
Best Tech- Sound: Maya Scianna/ Rachel Brimhall
Best Tech- Lighting: Anthony Tong
Best Tech- Costumes: Jenna Barbosa and Adelia Burdge
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Thalyn Strum, Marissa Plata, Sophia Rodriguez
Gammage Scholarship: Brad Posey, Kassi Post

Overall Production: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Best Male Lead: Joseph Cavazos
Best Female Lead: Hillary Salazar
Best Supporting Male: Collyn Van Hoose
Best Supporting Female: Sarah Bary, Abby Prusinski (SCORE TIE)
Best Vocalist: Joseph Cavazos
Best Dancer: Abby Prusinski
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Rylie Garvine/ Mike Morton Jr. / Cody Larson
Best Tech- Sound: Sandra Zanca/ Chad Callaway/ Emma Richard
Best Tech- Lighting: Rylee Garvine/ Lauren Hill
Best Tech- Costumes: Krystina Vargas and Lauren Kuhman
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Tierney Honeyborne/ Mackenzie Bernard/ Lexi Logan
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Rylee Garvine/ Bailey Aquila/ Joseph Cavazos
Gammage Scholarship: Bailey Aquila, Joseph Cavazos

Overall Production: 9 to 5
Best Male Lead: Joseph Cavazos
Best Female Lead: Brecka Watson
Best Supporting Male: Todd Horne
Best Supporting Female: Allison Belsan
Best Vocalist: Allison Belsan
Best Dancer: Joseph Cavazos
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Lauren Hill
Best Tech- Sound: Caitie Callaway, Emma Richard
Best Tech- Lighting: Rylee Garvine
Best Tech- Costumes: Krystina Vargas and Lauren Kuhman
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Tierney Honeyborne
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Mike Morton Jr.
Gammage Scholarship: Taylor Sipos

Overall Production: Big Fish
Best Male Lead: Caleb Huffman
Best Female Lead: Hannah Gray
Best Supporting Male: LJ Deacon
Best Supporting Female: Mads Layton
Best Vocalist: Mary Kokali
Best Dancer: Dani Alldredge
Best Tech- Costumes: Katie Deaton
Best Tech-Hair/ Makeup: Mary Kokali
Best Tech- Stage Manager: Makena Booker
Gammage Scholarship: Emily Merrill, Crystal Dicke

Overall Production: Frankenstein: A New Musical
Best Male Lead: Sean Haroldsen
Best Female Lead: Mackenzie Baradic
Best Supporting Male: Robert Lee
Best Supporting Female: Elizabeth Juilet
Best Vocalist: Elizabeth Juillet
Best Tech- Set/ Prop: Andrew Thomas, Michelle Klupp, Isabella Lozano
Best Tech- Sound: Amanda Haynes, Sadie Fischer, Cameron Rivera
Best Tech- Lighting: Blake Krall, Robbie Piano, Saleah Duke
Best Tech- Costumes: Ryan Robbins, Rachel Adams, Hannah Schaffer
Gammage Scholarship: Jamie Brooks, Kalie Reed

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