Saturday, October 3, 2015

cast announcement - ANNIE, JR - Desert Stages Theatre

for more information on this production, that runs November 13 to December 20 , CLICK HERE


Both Chavira Kyle Daddy Warbucks (Saturday and Sunday Matinees)
Both Earnest Matthew Daddy Warbucks (Friday and Saturday Evenings)

Allen Grace Molly(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)
Astrowsky Sarah Duffy (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Astrowsky Gabby Molly (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Astrowsky Zachary Mr. Bundles/Rooster
Beckman Avery Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Beckman Ashlyn Kate(Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Booker Gemma Hudson Girl
Bunce Aria Hudson Girl
Burger Stephanie Kate (Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Closing)
Campana Connor Asst. Dog Catcher/Warbucks Staff
Carlson Haley Mrs. Pugh/Tourist (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Opening)
Crespo Madison Triplet/School Girl (Closing)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Opening)
Davis Taylor Grace (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Business Woman (Closing)
DelGhiaccio Emma Tessie(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Closing)
Dougal Abby Hudson Girl
Farr Savannah Hudson Girl
Feldman Olivia Triplet/School Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Closing)
Forth Kaylee Hudson Girl
Frankson Chantel Pepper(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Closing)
Galakatos Sinclair Triplet/School Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Closing)
Gallagher Makenna Hudson Girl
Grotenhuis Adelina Triplet/School Girl (Closing)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Opening)
Hartstein Bridget Hudson Girl
Helenic Grace Lily (Opening)/July (Closing)
Hizme Olivia Annie (Opening)/Dancing Orphacn/Tourist (Closing)
Hizme Samantha Triplet/School Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Closing)
Hollerbach Jenna Mrs. Greer/Tourist (Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Closing)
Jablonski Sebastian Lt. Ward/Drake
James Amare Hudson Girl
Jarvis Hannah Lily(Closing)/July (Opening)
Jongert Olivia Hudson Girl
Jongert Autumn Triplet/School Girl (Closing)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Opening)
Kaye Austin Dog Catcher/Bert Healy/FDR
Kleinlein Phoebe Hudson Girl
Kuhlmann Rosamond Annie (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
La Porte Olivia Duffy(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)
Luther Kendall Tessie (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Opening)
Miller Leah Miss Hannigan (Closing)/Annette/Hobo (Opening)
Murphy Niamh Miss Hannigan(Opening)/Annette/Hobo(Closing)
Nathan Rachel Mrs. Greer/Tourist (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Nowicki Emma Cecille/Tourist (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/School Teacher (Opening)
O'Brien Hannah Apple Seller/Warbucks Staff (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist (Opening)
Oglesbee Estee Grace(Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Busniess Woman (Opening)
Ortega Skyler Hudson Girl
Parsons Grace Cecille/Tourist (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/School Teacher(Closing)
Perlstein Sophie Hudson Girl
Perrin Regan Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Pierson Chloe Star to Be/Warbucks Staff (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Closing)
Polowy Tianna Mrs. Pugh/Tourist (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Closing)
Reaves Marissa Warbuck's Staff
Sandifer Ava Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Shaham Kali Hudson Girl
Sherman Ashley Hudson Girl
Smith Gabrielle Hudson Girl
Tichavsky Ali Pepper(Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Opening)
Woods Ava Apple Seller/Warbucks Staff (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist (Closing)
Yarnall Megan Star to Be/Dancing Orphan(Opening)/ Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)

Late Cast 
Abner Madison Apple Seller/Hudson Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/Tourist(Closing)
Alfano Madeline Grace(Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Busniess Woman (Opening)
Arellano Racquelle Hudson Girl
Ashlock Quinlyn Annette/Tourist(Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Opening)
Baize Amanda Hudson Girl
Brown Leah Hudson Girl
Burows Reagan Ms. Hannigan (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Hobo (Opening)
Butler Katrina Ms. Hannigan (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Hobo (Closing)
Calderone Katie Kate (Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Closing)
Chaffee Ava Annie(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)
Chouinard Sophia Triplet/School Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Closing)
Collins Tori Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Danek Petra Triplet/School Girl (Closing)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Opening)
Darschewski Claire Hudson Girl
Davis Lizzie Annette/Tourist(Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Closing)
Dickens MarySue Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Dimond Grace Star to Be/Dancing Orphan(Closing)/ Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Eastman Wyatt Mr. Bundles/Rooster
Farmer-Bonilla Isabela Hudson Girl
Flanagan Drew Triplet/School Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Closing)
Freeman Caitlyn Duffy (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Garcia Gia Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Ghazanfari Ahva Warbuck's Staff/Tourist
Giordano Breana Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Hall Walter Lt. Ward/Drake
Hall Dayna Triplet/School Girl(Closing) Hudson Girl/School Girl (Opening)
Hassler Sydney Annie (Closing)Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Opening)
Hoag Maddie Mrs. Greer/Tourist (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/School Teacher(Closing)
Jacobson Addyson Hudson Girl
Johnson Erin Mrs. Pugh/Tourist(Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist (Closing)
Karcher Katelyn Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Krotonsky Sadie Tessie(Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Opening)
Kucuksadic Rachel Warbuck's Staff/Tourist
Langer Eva Cecille/Tourist (Opening)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Closing)
Langer Constanca Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Maloney Ava Cecille/Tourist (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Markson Sam Bert Healy/FDR
Milligan Natasha Grace(Opening/Warbucks Staff/Busniess Woman (Closing)
Moriarty Caroline Star to Be/Dancing Orphan(Opening)/ Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)
Neate Lucas Dog Catcher/Warbucks Staff
Neate Hayley Warbuck's Staff/Tourist
Novack Hannah July(Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Novack Talia Lily(Closing)/July (Opening)
Novack Kylee Tessie(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Closing)
O'Brasky Bo Molly (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Opening)
Olney Luke Dog Catcher/Warbucks Staff
Olney Ceili Mrs. Greer/Tourist (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/School Teacher(Opening)
Parraz Mikabella Apple Seller/Warbucks Staff(Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Opening)
Reed Jayme Warbucks Staff/Tourist
Ref Emily Kate (Closing)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist(Opening)
Rose Allie Duffy(Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)
Scott Olivia Hudson Girl
Tarkington Erin Lily (Opening)/Pepper (Closing)
Tinsley Felicia Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Vera Jessica Dancing Orphan/Tourist
Villarreal Jamie Pepper (Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist( Closing)
Visser Skylar Hudson Girl
Wallace Devyn Triplet/School Girl (Opening)/Hudson Girl/School Girl (Closing)
Watson Sara Mrs. Pugh/Tourist (Closing)/Warbucks Staff/Tourist(Opening)
Wilbur Macie Molly (Opening)/Dancing Orphan/Tourist (Closing)
Wilbur Hudson Triplet/School Girl(Closing) Hudson Girl/School Girl (Opening)
Williams Amber Dancing Orphan/Tourist Wolfert Sydney Dancing Orphan/Tourist

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