Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Cast announced for XANADU at Phoenix College

Kira (Clio): Kimberly Larios
Sonny Malone: Edward Altherr
Danny Maguire (Zeus): Fred Siegrist
Calliope (Aphrodite): Corielle James
Melpomene (Medusa): Marisa Tualla
Thalia (Siren, Young Danny, Tubes Singer, Cyclops): Makenna Cunningham
Euterpe (Young Woman, Siren, Andrews Sister, Thetis): Hannah Swanson
Erato (Siren, Andrews Sister, Eros, Hera): Anna Maurizo
Terpsicore (Siren, Tubes Singer, Hermes, Centaur): Patrick Bejar

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