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Auditions for "Escape the Simulation: an interactive Escape Room event" at Paradise Valley Community College announced for April 29

Auditions for Escape the Simulation: an interactive Escape Room event

Auditions: April 29, 4:00-6:00pm in the Studio Theatre (if you can't make this time let us know) 
(Date Changed to April 29)

Where: Studio Theater Building M-East
18401 North 32nd Street,
Phoenix, AZ 85032


Casting Protocol: Go to and se- lect Auditions from left menu. Sign up for a 5 minute audition time slot

Head shot and Resume: preferred not required 

Prepare: Actors will do cold reads from the script. 

Rehearsals Begin: April 29th (3-4 rehearsals before Finals week). Then rehearsals will begin May 15th- M-Th, 1:00pm -4:00 (subject to change based on actor availability, not everyone will be called every rehearsal). *All performers/crew are required to register for THP201AA, (1 credit) 

Performance Times: Beta test weekend of June 7-9 and June 14-16. Performances will then take place at various times in the Fall semester for orientations, etc. Performers do not have to be available for everything. Performers will be assigned a couple roles so that we can decide who is performing when. 

Play Synopsis: College University needs more students. An orientation meeting is organized for all new students to show off the esteemed University. However, on the way to the orientation break-out sessions "students" discover that the College President has forced tech genius Caleb to create a simulation- SCANTRON to trap students at the University so that the President can keep getting their money. Three survivors along with Caleb are trying to break the simulation with a virus. They hope to take down the simulation and free every one inside with the help of the new orientation students.

PVCC Theatre's casting is open to include every race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation and physicality.

AVAILABLE ROLES–  PVCC Theatre’s casting is open to include every race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation and physicality.   

College President (any gender)- wants to make sure that everything is going swimmingly for the orientation so that more students will be trapped into the simulation. They can give and take a joke, but when the rules are broken they become one mean cookie.  

Caleb: a seasoned computer science major who thought they had seen it all. They are the one who created the simulation and now want to break it with S.C.A.N.T.R.O.N.  

The Teachers (3 teachers– any gender)- The teacher leading each class can range from that one really cool teacher who’s super chill about everything, to that one teacher who sounds like their own class is boring them, to the stickler that doesn’t seem to know what the words “fun” or “relax” mean in the dictionary. They are stuck in the simulation  

The Peer Leaders- (4 peer leaders)- The peer leaders are in the room with participants and are stuck in the simulation.  

Ned Nedly: your stereotypical nerd. Knows more than he should, socially inept, and always the teacher’s pet.  

Peer Leader Pamela is crazy about getting involved with the school, and that’s no understatement. She loves to talk about all the things you can do to get involved with the school, from going hosting a table at Club Rush, to signing up for every high school outreach program under the sun.  

Trent Jockly and Brenna Brunettely-the inseparable Jock and Cheerleader combo. These two are never seen without the other, and are always in each other’s space.  

The Survivors-  
Blythe Blondely-former cheer captain for C.U. after being unaffected by the simulation, her then Boyfriend Trent Jockly left her, and she was forced into hiding. Grizzled by the simulation and her lost love, Blythe has become a hardened survivalist and commando. 

Scott is the school mascot. On the outside he can pretend everything’s fine. On the inside though, he’s freaking out trying to keep things as normal as possible in these strange and unnerving times 

Judd– a tough guy who relied on Ned to “help” him with his homework. Wants to break the simulation to get his nerd back. 

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