Friday, April 5, 2024

ariZoni Adjudicators needed for the 2024 / 2025 Season

Do you love theatre?

Do you have a theatre background or training?

Are you able to see  up to a dozen shows a year, for free, to help determine the nominees and winners for the ariZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence for the 2024/2025 season?

The ariZoni Board of Directors are looking for qualified individuals to serve as adjudicators for the upcoming theatre season.

Adjudicators are the anchor of the ariZoni Theatre Awards. Each year the over 30 participating ariZoni theaters put on over 200 productions.  The Zonis need qualified and committed people to see and score these productions which helps decide the nominees and award recipients for each year.

The ariZoni Board of Directors are looking for individuals with the following qualifications:

1) Have a theatre educational background, experience in performing or creative production aspects, knowledge of theatre arts and/or expertise that allows you to accurately and efficiently adjudicate the different types of theatre in town.

2) Able to attend 8-15 performances a year to adjudicate.  The shows will be randomly assigned to you.

3) Able to drive to the various participating ariZoni theatres in town, some of which may be across the Valley from where you live, in order to adjudicate their productions.

4) Able to not allow personal preferences or bias to influence your adjudication scores.

5) Have access to a computer and email account in order to receive notifications from and communicate with the Adjudicator Liaisons, theatre representatives and ariZoni board of directors; and in order to score your ariZoni ballot for each show in our online adjudication scoring system.

6) Able to act and respond in a timely manner concerning:
- coordinating tickets for shows you are assigned to adjudicate at least two weeks before the performances for the show begin
- requesting a substitute due to personal conflicts or conflicts of interest at least two weeks before performances begin
- filling out the scores on your ballot within two weeks of seeing the production

Applications are due by April 29, 2024

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