Monday, April 29, 2024

Cast announced for MAD HATTER THE MUSICAL at Herberger Theater Center

Franklin Magelian / The Mad Hatter: Dwayne Washington
Queen of Hearts / Mercury: Lauren Zakrin
Marybeth - Hatter's wife / Yola, Cheshire Cat: Reanne Acasio
Caterpillar: Luis Villabon
Philip - Hatter's Son / Bailey the Mouse: Andreas Wyder
Bartholomew / Dockmaster: Rendell A. Debose
Rose - Hatter's Mother: Lydia Ruth Dawson
Young Marybeth / Primose, Hatter's daughter: Aria Kane
Rola, Cheshire Sister: Amanda Lund 
Bola, Cheshire Sister: Alyssa Chiarello
Young Franklin: Liam Garrett
Cornelius, Hatter’s Father: Mathew Zimmerer
The White Rabbit: Raven Chareal
Ensemble: Anna Mettes, Chafik Jay, Ash Marie Alina, Hector Flores Jr, Tony Castellanos
Swings: Trisha Ditsworth, Mark C. Reis

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