Saturday, September 9, 2023

Review Highlights - CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD - Order Chaos Theater Company

Delaney Smith and Cameron Lucas Eggers
Photo by Todd Sandberg

highlights from local critics reviews - (click link at bottom of each review to read complete review)

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"On one hand, you could say that Mark Medoff's 44-year-old play Children of a Lesser God is a dated, clunky, and overly long dramedy. However, on the other hand, this once groundbreaking look at the struggles of deaf individuals and the stormy and turbulent relationship between a young, passionate deaf woman and her teacher, still remains quite robust and relevant today, especially in our current world where marginalized people are still trying to simply be heard. Order Chaos Theater's production features an excellent cast and sure-footed direction that brings a clarity to Medoff's emotionally rich play....Medoff's play was a groundbreaker in how it focused on deaf characters and opened up its 1980 audience's eyes to seeing American Sign Language used as a very effective way to communicate.... director Mark-Alan C. Clemente provides many moments of clarity throughout by ensuring his actors' portrayals provide nuance and depth to flesh out the characters as well as providing realism in the specific ticks in the constantly shifting relationship between Sarah and James. ...Delaney Smith is stunning as Sarah. She evokes an innate power as the young, spirited, deaf woman as soon as she first appears. Her portrayal is filled with expressive signing, joyful moments, passion, and even anger. "  - Gil Benbrook, (click here to read the complete review)

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