Saturday, September 16, 2023

Cast announced for MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS at Grand Canyon University

Cast 1   /   Cast A 

Hercule Poirot- Cooper Townley  / Cooper Townley 

Constantine Bouc- David Loewen  / David Loewen 

Hector Macqueen - Anthony Piunno / Sebian Carver 

Michel the Conductor- Miles Harris   / Miles Harris 

Colonel Arbuthnot- Ben Sparling   /Ben Sparling 

Samuel Ratchett- Peyton Davis    / AJ Flores 

Little Girl - Rebecca Bain   / Rebecca Bain 

Mary Debenham- Kaylie Kraft  / Emmarie Nichols 

Princess Dragomiroff- Anna Koth  / Leslie Apolinar 

Greta Ohlsson- Autumn Ford     / Nettie Woodward 

Countess Andrenyi- Jasmine Coxey  / Anna Mettes 

Helen Hubbard- Kaylee Wilson-Woolridge  / Ivy Angle 

Radio Voice, Announcer, Head Waiter- Alex Pearson / Alex Pearson 

Porters- Sean P. Huitt, Rebecca Bain, Alex Pearson  

Cast 1 Performance Dates: September 22nd, September 24th, September 28th (Student Matinee), September 30th

Cast A Performance Dates: September 23rd, September 27th (Student Matinee), September 29th, October 1st

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