Monday, July 24, 2023

EVERYTHING IN THE GARDEN - Mesa Community College - December 1 - 9, 2023

by Edward Albee

from the play by Giles Cooper

Auditions: August 23 - 24, 2023

In George Oppenheimer's words: "As always with Mr. Albee there is a theme beneath the surface, in this case the corruption of money and the rottenness of this bigoted exurbia where conformity to its illiberal standards and its hypocritical show of respectability is all that counts. The scene is the suburban home of Jenny and Richard. The only thing that seems to stand in the way of their happiness is a lack of money. Then there enters a Mrs. Toothe who offers Jenny the opportunity to make more money than they have ever had, to buy a greenhouse and all the other luxuries that they require for their garden and their lives.

Dec 1 – 2, 7 -8 at 7:30 pm and Dec 2 and 9 at 2 pm

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