Friday, July 28, 2023

Auditions for DRACULA IN TOMBSTONE at Ronin Theatre Company announced for August 7

March, 1882, after the gunfight at the OK Corral, and a few years before the events which occur in the novel Dracula.

The legend, Wyatt Earp, and his wife, Josephine, come into Tombstone to wrap up affairs and loose ends before he finishes his ride and leaves Arizona for good to settle down in San Francisco. Them, and a widely peculiar group of characters; encounter an evil nobody ever would foresee. When people begin dropping dead and miraculously coming back to life with a penchant for blood consumption, the group of the Silver Moon Saloon House springs into action. What was supposed to be the end of gunfighting and violence becomes one last fight for survival for Wyatt Earp.

This is an Arizona premiere of a new work by Mickey Fisher

Director: Van Rockwell
Choreographer : Fight Choreographer Keath Hall
Compensation: Pay ($100 Stipend)
Auditions; Monday August 7, 6-8pm
Rehearsals Begin: September 11, 2023
Performance Dates: October 26, 2023 – October 31, 2023

Audition Venue
Irish Cultural Center
1106 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004 United States

Character Breakdown

Jim Dooley – (M) / (Any Age) / a drink-slinging saloon owner and wiseman.

Frank Mercy – (M) / (Any Age) / Tombstone’s local drunk. Think Walter Brennan for any of you western fans.

Kate Dooley – (F) / (30-40’s) / Jim’s no-nonsense wife and also part saloon owner and operator.

Edwin – (M) / (20-40’s) / speaks with a “slight British accent” and has a “burst of theatrical energy…” but it’s all a ruse as he reveals himself to be a vampire hunter.

Sani – (M) / (20-40’s) / Navajo and deadly with knives. He is Edwin’s sidekick in the journey to find and bring down vampires.

Wyatt Earp – (M) (40-50’s) – you know his name. A professional lawman and about action, not afraid to fire his pistol at the first sign of danger.

Josephine ‘Josey’ Marcus – (F) (40-50’s) / Wyatt’s wife, wishes nothing more for her husband to hang up his guns and live a quiet remainder of life with her out of trouble.

Tom Stockman – (M) (16-19) / often regarded as a simpleton, but just naturally curious and inquisitive. But his penchant for curiosity leads him to be one of Dracula’s victims.

Dracula – (M) (Any Age) / stylish, sophisticated, handsome… with a slight (Eastern) European accent. He’s a bit ‘off’ and ‘strange,’ but is a natural charmer and killer. He’d make for a fantastic True Crime podcast episode.

Mary Bartlett – (F) (20’s) / one of Dracula’s victims who comes to (undead) life to wreak havoc.

What To Prepare
In person auditions will involve cold readings from the script or a monologue.

Video Submissions; monologue submitted no later than Sunday August 6th to Director;
Submissions can be any monologue, even a monologue from a “Western” film or show

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