Sunday, December 14, 2014

photos - 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - Brelby Theatre Company

For more information on this production that runs through December 20th click here.

Melissa Kamel and Melody Chrispen

Jesse Taggart and Melody Chrispen

David Magadan, Melody Chrispen, Mat Vansen and Jaren Navenma

Melissa Kamel, Brian Maticic, Melody Chrispen and Jesse Taggart

Mat Vansen, David Magadan, Melissa Kamel, Brian Maticic, Melody Chrispen, Jesse Taggart and Jaren Navenma

Brian Maticic, Melissa Kamel and Melody Chrispen

Melissa Kamel and Brian Maticic

David Magadan, Brian Maticic, Melissa Kamel, Mat Vansen, Jaren Navenma, Melody Chrispen and Jesse Taggart

photos: Shelby Maticic

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  1. This was an awesome play ... loved every minute. Going back to see it again tonight :)