Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stray Cat Theatre is on the move - moving to Tempe Center for the Arts in 2015

From our friends at Stray Cat Theatre....

Stray Cat Theatre is moving next season!
We look to cats and kittens like you to lend us a paw.

In 2011, we asked you to adopt chickens.

And you did!

Thanks to you, all of these babies have warm, loving homes.

Last year, we asked you to adopt our actors. 

And you did!

Thanks to you, all our actors enjoyed pedigreed experiences at Stray Cat.

Now, we're asking you to adopt...a teenager...that's right, your favorite bratty theater company is hitting the mouthy, hormonal, tempestuous age, (doesn't it feel like we've been here for a while?) - and we're celebrating by upgrading our kitty condo.

As you may have heard, Stray Cat will soon be moving away from our home since 2008, the Tempe Performing Arts Center to a short mile away at the Tempe Center for the Arts. While we have been extremely lucky in our home, unfortunately - the building itself is no longer a viable home. We're excited as all get out to move into a space that will allow us to continue to produce the kind of high-impact, off-the-beaten-path, indie theater just for you. TCA also has some great perks: ample, free parking; comfortable seating; and a bar.

With these upgrades come some additional expenses (catnip, as you well know, does not come cheap!), and because of this, we are coming to you. We've set an ambitious fundraising goal for ourselves of $25,000 by the end of the season to help us with the move and keep us stabilized in the new season while we get our paws wet.

To become a part of our future and Season 14 in a new kitty condo, just click here.
Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated. And there are even perks that come with certain levels of giving.
Please remember that Stray Cat is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and we have our grooming (legal) papers to prove it.

Thank you for considering - and thank you, as ever, for your support.


all photos: John Groseclose

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