Friday, December 12, 2014

reviews A CHRISTMAS CAROL Hale Centre Theatre

Bryan Stewart
"It's December so that means there are several theatrical versions of A Christmas Carol playing throughout the Valley. Hale Centre Theatre's annual production opened last week and Hale pulls out every trick they have to bring this well-known tale to magical life in a glorious production full of emotional resonance.  Mark Kleinman makes a great impression as Scrooge.  Bryan Stewart is superb as Cratchit, bringing a wonderful sense of love and warmth to the part, especially in the scenes with the Cratchit family. He also delivers a beautiful rendition of "What Child is This?" ...a great adaptation of Dickens' classic tale and a perfect way to spend the holidays."
-Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"one of the best productions of the classic I’ve ever viewed. The small theater-in-the-square is beautifully decorated to serve the story’s many 1843 English locales and the characters are decked out in lovely 19th century finery.  The many scenic changes are meticulously choreographed allowing the story to unfold dramatically.Cory McCloskey was appropriately miserly initially evolving believably into the more understanding and tolerant Scrooge.  Beyond McCloskey, the rest of the large cast, including several convincing children, wonderfully essays the many familiar roles. ...lovely-to-look-at and finely acted" -Chris Curcio, KBAQ

For more information on this production, that runs through December 24, click here.

photo: Nick Woodward-Shaw

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