Tuesday, November 11, 2014

reviews, VALHALLA, Nearly Naked Theatre

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" one of the smartest and cleverest plays of the past decade. ...a winning cast and creative elements and direction just as smart as Paul Rudnick's script.  Director Damon Dering has found a talented, hardworking and versatile cast to deliver expert yet varied, comical portrayals.  Vinny Chavez has almost perfect comic timing as Ludwig. As James Avery, Cole Brackney achieves a deep sense of longing for the things Avery desires... through looks and vocal inflections that bring moments of melancholy and heartbreak, and transcend the role beyond caricature and stereotype. Valhalla is a play that transcends stereotypes and attempts to explore what we believe true beauty is and how the impact of finding it can result in love, loss and madness. It is a creative, intelligent comedy and one of Rudnick's best. With smart, inspired direction and a virtually perfect cast, Nearly Naked's production is one of pure comic beauty." - Gil Benbrook - Talkin' Broadway

"Damon Dering’s smashingly funny production, is a wacky delight.  Under the humor, “Valhalla” has a rich message about always being you and not worrying about what others think.  It’s quite a play and in the ridiculously silly Nearly Naked Theatre production, audiences will be delighted by an artful cast that delivers the humorous jabs and jives with impeccable comic timing. Director Dering has long treasured “Valhalla” and his staging instincts make the play’s wackiness bizarrely entertaining.  It all transpires with split second comic timing. “Valhalla” is an adorable delight that entertains mightily." - Chris Curcio, KBAQ / Curtain Up Phoenix

"Director Damon Dering keeps the antics flying at a lunatic pace, with a quartet of actors juggling all the supporting roles.  A madcap celebration of beauty... Valhalla [is full of] fabulousness and tomfoolery [which] fades into a disarmingly poignant denouement.  In a word? Beautiful." - Kerry Lengel - Arizona Republic

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