Sunday, November 23, 2014

cast announcement - 42ND St - Desert Stages Theatre

Alaina Beauloye- Dorothy Brock
Angela Kriese- Peggy Sawyer
Brandy Reed- Phyllis Dale
Briana Fleming- Gladys
Cody Duke- Male Ensemble
Dan Ashlock- Abner Dillon
Frank Aaron- Mac/Doctor/Thug
Harley Barton- Ethel
James (JD) Gish- Male Ensemble
Jere Van Patten- Bert Barry
Julian Pena- Ensemble
Lauren Berkley- Anytime Annie
Nate Dutson- Billy Lawlor
Nick Fernandez- Male Ensemble
Skylar Ryan- Lorraine Flemming
Sydney Davis- Andi Lee
Vicki Holden- Maggie Jones
Zack Pepe- Male Ensemble
Zoe Zamora- Diane Lorimer

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