Sunday, November 30, 2014

audition notice THE BALLAD OF DOWNTOWN JAKE Paradise Valley Community College

Click here for more information about this production.  Click here for the audition listing at Durant Communications with specific details as to how to sign up for auditions for this show.

Audition Dates and Times: December 11-12, 2014; 6pm – 9pm

Callback Dates and Times: December 13, 2014; 12pm-3pm

Rehearsals Begin: 02/02/2015

Show Dates: 03/05/2015 – 03/08/2015

Character Breakdown

HARRY JONES—age 45 hustler, drug dealer, loan shark and addicted to power and control, Tenor.
JAKE DELMONICO—age 34 jazz saxophone great, addicted to heroin and other drugs, Baritone.
JASMINE JUNE—age 52 sometime blues singer, waitress, civil rights worker and addicted to sex and anger, Mezzo-Soprano.
SUGAR BABY HAYES—Age 27 blues singer, common-law wife to Jake addicted to alcohol, heroin and grief, Soprano.
ANGEL/Woman in Red—spirit of grace and redemption, addicted to hope, Soprano.
Other speaking roles include: RICHIE—Club Owner, PAWNBROKER, CUSTOMERS IN CLUB and MUSICIANS.

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