Friday, November 21, 2014

cast announcement HAIRSPRAY Desert Foothills Theater

For more information on Desert Foothill's production of Hairspray, click here.

Lily Castle - Tracey Turnblad
Hannah Rose - Penny Pingleton
Emily McAtee - Amber Von Tussel
Kathleen Berger - Velma Von Tussel
Spencer Claus - Link Larkin
Tyra Young - Motormouth Maybelle
Mason Reeves - Seaweed J. Crabs
Kiara Adams - Lil' Inez
Matthew Harris - Edna Turnblad
Ken Bailes - Wilbur Turnblad
Alex Martinez - Corny Collins
Christina Robinson - Prudy Pingelton
Emily Temple - Nicest Kid in Town
Julia Horner - Nicest Kid in Town
Samantha Isley - Nicest Kid in Town
Hollis Johnson - Nicest Kid in Town
Karson Cook - Nicest Kid in Town
Cody Seaver - Nicest Kid in Town
Alex Tuchi - Nicest Kid in Town
Zach Zupke - Nicest Kid in Town
Greta Perlmutter - Female Dancing Ensemble
Maddie Lever - Female Dancing Ensemble
Celine Sanel - Female Dancing Ensemble
Tara Prager - Female Dancing Ensemble
Sarah Link - Gym Teacher/Prison Matron
Anissa Griego - Dynamite
Mattaea Reeves - Dynamite
Audrey Peevyhouse - Dynamite
Chantel Jackson - Teen Ensemble
Adia Watson - Teen Ensemble
Alisha - Teen Ensemble
Aaliyah Perry - Teen Ensemble

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