Tuesday, November 4, 2014

reviews REVENGE OF THE SPACE PANDAS, Brelby Theatre Company

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"a charming, inspired production with a more than capable cast and clear, sure-footed direction. Director Carolyn McBurney and her talented cast set just the right goofy tone to allow for plenty of scenery chewing.  While David Magadan and Emily Heald have appropriate childlike expressions, over-reactive movements, and sweet voices to portray the youthful Binky and Vivian, and they are both successful, it is Brian Maticic as Bob the Sheep and Passarella as the tyrant George whom you won't soon forget. Maticic is like a classic Warner Brothers cartoon character come to life. He is absolutely charming, animated and completely lovable as the wise cracking Bob—just don't try to tell him that you're serving a casserole for lunch. Passarella's wide-eyed expressions, over the top behavior, and temper tantrums as the wool-obsessed George are priceless.  A fun, silly romp across the galaxy and back"  -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"Leave expectations of Broadway-caliber production values at the door when you visit Brelby Theatre Company in downtown Glendale. But what this mom-and-pop community troupe lacks in professional polish it makes up for with its sense of sheer fun. David Magadan and Emily Heald are convincingly kid-like in the accessible lead roles of Binky and Vivian — the everynerd and the girl next door — but the scene-stealing performances are by Brian Maticic as the amiable (and surprisingly nimble) sheep and Mia Passarella, shamelessly chewing scenery as the megalomaniacal space tyrant George Topax. A fun little romp for the Halloween season."
-Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic

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