Saturday, March 21, 2020

Starlight Community Theatre presents SOCIAL DISTANCE SHAKESPEARE

Calling all Starlight actors! We invite you to take advantage of your free time at home and take part in our first ever crowd-sourced, online-only, no-germs-here Virtual Theater Experience! We're calling it “Social Distance Shakespeare” and here's how to participate:

Film yourself performing some Shakespeare. Do a dramatic monologue, wistfully spout off a sonnet, or act out a comedic scene with hand puppets, stuffed animals, kitchen utensils...whatever you've got. Videos should be short – just a couple of minutes long – and we prefer them to be memorized. If you need to read it, just don't let us see your script in the shot!

All ages are welcome! We're also cool with non-traditional casting, so if you're a gal who's always wanted her shot to be Hamlet, here it is. And if you've got multiple actors in your home, try and get everyone involved and make it a real family affair.

After you've made your video, send it to Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 25th.

We'll compile all the videos together and post it online. Depending on amount of entries received, Starlight does not guarantee that all entries will be used in their entirety. We're hoping that it brings a little joy to everyone stuck at home, and keeps our Starlight family connected.

Let's act together!.....without actually being together.

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