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audition notice - A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM & ELF ACADEMY - Brelby Theatre Company - September 2 & 3

Auditions for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Elf Academy:

Auditions Sept 2 & 3 9am-12pm

Midsummer Callbacks will be held by invitation only on Sept 9th 10am-12pm
Elf Academy Callbacks will be held by invitation only on Sept 10 10am-12pm (This show will involve heavy stage combat, so many characters will have a very physical callback session)
Auditioners should prepare two contrasting monologues. The two monologues together should not total more than 2 minutes. If auditioning for Midsummer, please include at least one Shakespeare monologue.

Email to secure an audition spot.
If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to make the scheduled times, please email for more details.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jessica Holt

Rehearses: Sept 19-Nov 2 (Sun-Thurs from 6:30-10PM)
Nov 3-5 10-11 @ 7:30PM

Mischief meets merriment in this fresh reimagining of Shakespeare’s most popular romantic comedy. In just one night, four magical stories are cleverly woven together: the marriage of the Athenian duke to the Amazon queen; the battle of the king and queen of the fairies; the follies of four lovers in a forest; and the hilarious antics of amateur actors staging a play. Enter a vibrant world where fairies fly overhead, a donkey bursts into song, and love potion makes your perspective turn on a dime.

Character List:
Character breakdown: All ages are guidelines and not set in stone.
Leaders in Athens:
Hippolyta – Female (20-50)Regal, elegant, strong Amazon queen. Engaged to Theseus.
Theseus – Male (30-50)Strong, virile ruler. Duke of Athens.
Egeus – Male (50-70) Father to Helena, determined, tough. Athenian Lord.
Philostrates – Male or Female (30-70) Master of Revels. Organized, authoritative.

The Lovers:
Helena –Female (18-30) beautiful young woman, used to getting her way. In love with Lysander.
Hermia – Female (18-30) “best friend” type, stubborn. In love with Demetrius.
Lysander – Male (18-30) Handsome, dashing young man – slightly “bad boy” type. In love with Helena
Demetrius – Male (18-30) Handsome, respectable young man. In love with Helena, favored by Egeus

Leaders of the Fairies:
Titania – Female (20-50) Queen of the fairies. Elegant, strong-minded woman. Sensual and strong
Oberon – Male (30-50) King of the Fairies. Regal, pompous, selfish, manipulative, vengeful.
Puck/Robin Goodfellow – Female or Male (18-30) A mischievous fairie. Agile, energetic, must have good audience interaction and comedic timing.

The Rude Mechanicals:
Bottom – Male (30-50) An uneducated worker, proud, oblivious, must have excellent comedic timing and physicality. Musical ability is a plus.
Quince – Male or Female (20-60) Leader of the rude mechanicals. Tries to maintain order. A carpenter.
Flute – Male (16-25) Young man. Forced to play a woman.
Snout – Male or female (18-50) a tinker. Plays the wall.
Snug – Male (20-50) Large and imposing figure. Gentle hearted and not very intelligent.
Starveling – Male or Female (18-50) Plays moonshine.

Fairies – 18-30 (Male or Female) Looking for actors that are good with movement, dancing, singing.


Elf Academy
By Shelby Maticic
Directed by Brian Maticic

Rehearses: Oct 16-Nov 30 (Sun-Thurs from 6:30-10PM, Some Sundays from 2-8PM)
Dec 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23 @ 7:30PM
Dec 3, 10, 17 @ 2PM

The latest addition to the Brelby holiday cycle. This winter epic takes us behind the scenes of the place where the real Christmas magic happens…and where the next generation is being trained to take on their roles in Santa’s workshop. This is the north pole like you’ve never seen it before…where polar bear armies threaten to invade and destroy the spirit of Christmas for good.

Character List: All actors will need to be able to move well, and handle stage combat needs. Ages and ethnicities are open based on the talent we see.

The Elves
Holly – Warm. Supportive. Finds her joy in baking.
Noel – Naturally athletic. Not terribly motivated. Dreams of a life on a Hawaiian beach.
Ivy – Spirited. Quick tempered. Fiercely loyal. A natural athlete.
Joy – Bright. Quick witted. Impatient.
Clarence – Teacher. Charming. Set in his ways.
Nicholas – Strong leader. Intimidating but approachable.

Polar Bears
Amelie – Aurelie’s twin. Quick to anger, quick with witty retorts.
Aurelie – Amelie’s twin. Slow to anger, quick with more witty retorts.
Bernard – Basically a big teddy bear. In personality and appearance.
Claude – Aloof. Excels in all of his job responsibilities. Struggles with interpersonal relationships.
Emile – Clumsy fighter. Struggles with his job, but charms his way through life.
Gigi – Fierce leader. Commanding presence and voice.

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