Tuesday, August 15, 2017

GIDION'S KNOT - Stray Cat Theatre - March 9 - 24, 2018

by Johnna Adams

at the Tempe Center for the Arts
in a co-production with Tempe Center for the Arts
Directed by Ralph Remington

There are never any easy answers.

Over the course of a harrowing, unexpected parent/teacher conference, a grieving mother and an emotionally overwhelmed primary school teacher have a fraught conversation about the tragic suicide of the mother's son, Gidion. Gidion may have been bullied severely - or - he may have been an abuser.

“Gidion's Knot understands one thing about school violence that many plays on this topic miss, and that's the way people's positions always change when anything involves their own kid.” – Chicago Tribune

WEEK 1 - Fri 8pm preview, Sat 8pm opening night, Sun 2pm
WEEK 2 - Th 7pm, Fri 8pm, Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm
WEEK 3 - Weds 7pm, Th 7pm, Fri 8pm, Sat 8pm

CLICK HERE for more information, and to purchase tickets when available

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