Wednesday, August 4, 2021

B3 Theater announces auditions for SAINT JOAN on August 14 & 15

by George Bernard Shaw (Adapted with additional scenes by Chelsea Marcantel)

August 14th & August 15th from 1:00-3:00 PM. Callbacks (if needed) on August 15th from 4:00-6:00 PM. 

1) Sign up for an audition time HERE

2) Fill out the audition form HERE 

3) Email your headshot and resume to 

Auditioners should be prepared to participate in cold readings from the script. 

A French country girl finds herself on trial for her life after the nation’s rulers are threatened by her influence and popularity. With mysterious visions of saints inspiring her to help recover France from English domination, she paves the way for victory. This epic, transcendent story brings renewed life to one of history's greatest heroines as she pushes the boundaries of a society dominated by political and religious forces.


ACTRESS 1 - (20s) A serious, passionate young peasant girl driven by divine inspiration to lead an army against the British occupiers of France; also wrestles with moments of deep self-doubt and fear; 
plays JOAN, our protagonist. 

ACTRESS 2 – (40s-60s) Sharp, calculating, self-serving; plays HOUSEKEEPER, BARONESS, ABBESS, LADY WARWICK. 

ACTRESS 3 – (20s) Comforting, brilliant, a scholar, historically Egyptian, plays SAINT CATHERINE of  Alexandria. 

ACTRESS 4 – (20s) Quiet but fierce, ancient, historically Mediterranean/Greek; plays SAINT MARGARET of Antioch. 

ACTOR 1 – (20s-40s) Spineless, fickle, sometimes ridiculous, but smart; plays CHARLES THE DAUPHIN, CHAPLAIN STOGUMBER, PROSECUTOR D’ESTIVET. 

ACTOR 2 – (40s-60s) Wise, careful, and cold; plays ARCHBISHOP OF RHEIMS, LEMAÎTRE THE 
INQUISITOR, a MESSENGER from the future. 

ACTOR 3 – (20s-40s) Dashing and loyal, but plays “by the book” to a fault; plays BERTRAND DE 
POULENGEY, a PAGE, DUNOIS Bastard of Orléans, Brother LADVENU a Dominican monk. 

ACTOR 4 – (20s-40s) Outrageous, comic, and cruel; plays ROBERT DE BAUDRICOURT, BLUEBEARD, a French LIEUTENANT, BISHOP CAUCHON. 

Juliet Wilkins

PRODUCTION TYPE: Livestreamed and rehearsed via Zoom

PRODUCTION DATES 9/17/2021-9/25/2021


B3 Theater concentrates on new and underperformed works. We believe it is the journey which makes a project worth doing.
Our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, non-binary actors as well as performers of all races/ethnicities, ages and sizes. Please be assured that no matter who you are, you will be treated as a full human being and honored in this production.

image courtesy Emily Cosson/Dragonfly Vagabond Studio, used with permission

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