Friday, September 4, 2020

Virtual Theatre of Arizona presents DEAD STOCK, Friday, September 4th

Join the Virtual Theatre of Arizona for Dead Stock by Brandon Riley, directed by Bray Lawrence this Friday, September 4th at 7pm, LIVE on our Facebook page:

Synopsis: Taking place in Memphis, Tennessee in the last week of 2009, a group of friends must decide the direction of their lives after the announcement of the closing of Deborah’s: a historic department store. Told in two acts, this play is a character study that explores the friendship between three characters: Jeremy - a gay man who is grieving over his partner's death, Joy - a pregnant woman who must decide whether to return home or stay with her boyfriend, and Mark - a man whose identity is connected to his job. All three of them are helped by Clara - a vital 80- year-old retiree who drives a motorcycle. Dead Stock explores the themes of connection, race, friendship, and the process of letting go. 

Adonis Gonzalez as Mark Pennywell
Shelby Daeffler as Joy Young
Larissa Brewington as Clara Jones
Lamar Overton as Jeremy Conger

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